Gender: Male

Owain R

After losing my father suddenly and trying to navigate overwhelming emotions and trauma, I was recommended to go to Aliya for acupuncture therapy to help deal with my loss. This was something I had never considered but Aliya came highly regarded by someone close to me so I booked in for a couple of sessions with an open mind. Aliya performed Acupuncture and Colourpuncture therapy on me while engaging in a very calm and open conversation. It’s safe to say Aliya is extremely skilled at what she does. I left the sessions feeling more a at peace with the awful news I had received, I was able to process everything more easily and overall felt like I had a better understanding of how to get through this dire situation. If you’re struggling with this something like this I would absolutely book in with Aliya and let her try and help you deal and cope in extremely difficult circumstances. .

Pete M

I suffered from a slipped disc – after two treatments I was pain free. Aliya is the go to person for this kind of treatment.


I was sceptical of acupuncture but a family member highly recommended Aliya to help with depression, anxiety and stress. I wasn’t expecting immediate results but was surprised I felt lighter and happier after my first treatment. I have since had 5 further treatments and can only sing Aliya’s praises. She truly is amazing at what she does. My mood is generally a lot more happier and my relationship with my family has improved significantly. I have recommended Aliya to other family members who have also been impressed by the quality of her work. Aliya is real credit to the profession and I would highly recommend her.

Edgar Houghland

I originally sought out Aliya upon strong recommendation that she could help my back pain. She opened up with a discussion that puts me at ease. Aliya is clearly skillful and knowledgeable at her job. She was amazingly accurate at assessing my medical condition and even my personality traits. The acupuncture session itself was deeply relaxing and energising. It resolved my back ache and a number of other issues. Aliya is the most professional and effective holistic therapist I have ever encountered. I recommend her to everyone.

Dave Hill

I was very apprehensive about acupuncture and had never tried it and had left it to a last resort. Little did I know how helpful even after my first session it would be, not only how it would help with my pain but gave me peace and joy internally! I know if I was reading this I would think what a load of rubbish this guy is saying but honestly I’m not one to often leave reviews but I felt Aliya well and truly deserves the recognition for the work she performed on me today. Not only did I feel brilliant once leaving but from the moment I walked into her practice I was instantly put at ease and treated with respect and never felt judged or uncomfortable (even the room temperature was perfect which is apparently the hardest thing to please various clients!) I can only hope Aliya is not overly booked so I can get in to reap the benefits of another session! Many thanks Aliya hope to see you soon x.

Collis Robinson

I had a consultation and treatment for both a long term stomach problem and a recent occurrence of moderate anxiety – I can safely say that upon leaving after my session, I had a completely different outlook to my anxiety issues due to the lengthy consultation with Aliya; whilst my stomach problem is still present, I have seen an improvement following the acupuncture treatment (which may even be linked to relieving my anxiety issues) and I will continue to book in regularly for follow up treatments to help manage the condition. All round, it was a very uplifting experience and Aliya is very knowledgable, friendly, considerate and puts you at ease to fully enjoy the experience. Although it may not be for everyone, I would always highly recommend it! Brilliant!

Andy Mudd

5.0 out of 5
What hasn’t Ali cured!!!!
I have a treatment every 7/8 weeks. Ali cures me of the previous symptom i.e hot flushes and night sweats and I’ll walk into her relaxing treatment room 7/8 weeks later with another symptom that I think is totally unrelated i.e. Shoulder pain and nerve twitches in legs and she’ll cure it.
I think she is a miracle worker. I don’t know how she does it but I have great belief in her and her ability. I have total trust in where she places the needles, knowing that in a few days time, I will be feeling so much better in myself.
One of the things I have learnt is to be honest with Ali and to tell her of every little niggle or pain or how you are feeling, however trivial you may feel it is, as in acupuncture, symptoms are often related and you can be cured easier and quicker if she knows everything.


5.0 out of 5
I had been suffering with back and shoulder pain, pins and needles running down my arm I had physio treatment and an MRI scan…consultant said that I had nerve damage that was causing me the pain and that it would just settle down after time, a good 6 months passed and the pain was still there…a friend recommended Ali and after my first session the results were amazing with a follow up apmt a week later which did the trick and I am in a much better condition now.

Will H

5.0 out of 5
I explored acupuncture having had it recommended to me by a close friend – I first contacted Aliya in early 2015 and have continued with treatment since. My initial reason for trying acupuncture was to improve general health – I had been suffering with general anxiety symptoms including foggy headedness, along with aches and pains, which were impacting on my day-to-day work and home life, and which tied in, I think, to the sudden loss of my Mum in 2012.

Aliya took time to listen and fully understand my needs and worked the acupuncture around me – each visit we discuss ‘where I am at’ and what I want to focus on, and I firmly believe that Aliya’s focussed work to clear my head has helped me enormously. I am in a far better place now than I was when I first visited, and I expect that I will visit Aliya time and time again in the future.

Aliya is warm and welcoming, makes me feel very relaxed in what was initially an unknown environment, and she always remembers me, my situation and the reason for me visiting.

Jon Eckman

5.0 out of 5
Aliya helped me in more ways than I was expecting. Not only did I feel so much more relaxed after my session, but I also understood more clearly where my symptoms were stemming from. I had reduced stress levels and many of the physical symptoms have also been rectified. Aliya also gave me sound advice regarding handling stress in other ways and although I am currently going through a stressful move abroad, have been able to successfully cope better.