Meridian Massage

Thousands of years ago, gifted healers in Egypt (and later China) noted that there were certain points on the body that had distinct properties.

For example, there is a point on the sole of the foot that when it is in balance, it feels like you’re standing on a bubbling spring. The Chinese not surpisingly called this point, The Bubbling Spring or Yong Guan. When this point is out of balance is aches, due to an inbalance in the energy, and massaging this point can get the energy flowing again. This point is often used for its grounding quality, and it also help to alleviate anxiety.

Sometimes there can be several points on out bodies where the energy is not moving as well as it could – often in peoples’ necks and shoulders, so a combination of Acupuncture and Meridian Massage may be used to clear any blockages and get the energy flowing better again.