After suffering from anxiety and undetected postnatal depression for some time I knew I needed to rebalance myself. I wanted to try everything I could before taking medication (which seemed to be the only answer when speaking to anyone in the western medical profession). Aliya was recommended and I knew that her practice which incorporates five elements, not just TCM, would rebalance me in readiness to tackle the next phase of my life and to be a calmer more grounded person. After the first session the feeling and weight of that elephant sitting on my chest had disappeared. I felt calmer and less on the edge of my emotions, without the constant feeling of bursting into tears. My husband also noticed the instant change in me and the positive benefits it had. So much so that he also started acupuncture sessions by the time I had my next session. I’ve been seeing Aliya for almost a year now and notice how much she has helped me feel like me again. I can’t recommend Aliya enough.

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