Chantal Foy

5.0 out of 5
I started seeing Ali just over a year ago, I was on the brink of a diagnosis of Fibro Myalgia and had been off work with chronic fatigue. My main symptom at that stage was a near constant fluey aching feeling, I have a demanding job and had started to wonder if I could continue working, I am also a single mum to a 5 year old so working (and an income) is a priority for me.
After my first visit to Ali, my achy painful symptoms stopped, in the past year I have had the odd days re-occurrence but nothing more, which is hard to believe given where I was when I first met her.
I see Ali most months and have had treatment for periods (which has stopped mid cycle bleeds), a painful back (the pain ceased that evening), for stress management and general health maintenance.
My treatment with Ali has given me back a life quality which I was losing, I look forward to the sessions and always feel an emotional un-lift after each visit. I will continue to see Ali regularly as a way of managing my health going forward. Thank you Ali:).
P. S I recommended my sister to Ali following an unsuccessful attempt at IVF, I’m pleased to say my sister is 14 weeks pregnant (through natural means).
Chantal Foy.

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