Clare Marshall

5.0 out of 5
I first visited Aliya on 15th Feb 2011 after over 2 years of trying for my second child. During that time, I had had several miscarriages. Aliya felt that a course of treatment to regulate my periods, so that there was no clots, no pain and no flooding was important. The following month, my period was substantially different. When I visited on my 5th treatment 18th Apr, I had discovered that I was pregnant. I went on to have some early bleeding as I had had when previous pregnacies went on to miscarry but this time it was different and I gave birth to a little girl on 23rd December 2011. Result!
Thank you for all your help, Aliya! If I decide to go for number 3, I will certainly give you a call!

Just to update ……
I did decide to go for number 3 and did give Ali a call. After only 2 visits, I was pregnant and went on to have another baby girl almost 3 years after the last. Not bad considering that I was told after I had my first child that it would be very difficult for me to conceive naturally. Thanks again, Aliya!! Number 4 …… !?!!! Xx

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