Colin Hilton Burke

5.0 out of 5
As a result of a Knee Joint replacement in 2010, I was left in distress and considerable pain due to no physiotherapy for 5 weeks after the operation. Later infection set in on the new joint, resulting in further hospitalisation to alleviate recurring fluid causing swelling and pain around the joint. However verypoor joint movement, swelling and constantpain continued.
I was introduced to Acupuncture by a family friend. AS a sceptic or Non believer I relutantly agreed to treatment.
Following the first treatment I was much calmer and totally relaxed, the pain eased and the swelling reduced.
I had a second treatment one week later with the same relaxing calming effect with improved mobility and further reduction in pain and swelling.
I began to look forward to further sessions of treatment and my recovery continued to improve until normal joint movement, lack of swelling and freedom from pain returned. I am now able to enjoy life again.
Without Aliya and her wonderful treatment and care I doubt any of this could have been achieved.
No longer a sceptic but a firm believer in the positive benefits of Accupuncture, I can recommend this treatment by ALIYA EASTHAM of Meridian Clinic Manchester which achieved such remarkable results for me.
Colin Burke -Preston Lancs.

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