Dorothy Hayward

Over the last three years I have seen Aliya twice for acupuncture to help induce labour for both of my pregnancies. Both times I have seen Aliya to try to steer clear of a medical induction (due to having too much fluid in my bump – polyhydromnious – the hospital said they would medically induce me on my due date if I didn’t begin the process naturally by then). With my first pregnancy I had my little boy three days early and I definitely think this was because of acupuncture (I had two treatments the week before my due date). I did the same this time around. Baby boy was booked in for an induction but as I arrived on the ward I actually went into labour naturally and didn’t require the induction which I do believe was down to the acupuncture readying my body in advance. Aliya put me at ease straight away and talked me through everything getting a thorough picture of my history and only doing treatments that I felt comfortable with. I strongly believe in acupuncture with Aliya and would recommend it to anybody. 

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