Dorothy Hayward

5.0 out of 5
I was booked in for a medical induction the week after my acupuncture treatment. I really wanted to try a more natural method of induction and felt this may work. Aliya has an excellent manner and quickly explained the process and made me feel at ease. I have never had acupuncture before so wasn’t sure what to expect. She tailored the acupuncture to my own needs and what she felt would be useful to work on. She explained the process as she went along so that I felt calm and informed.

She felt my body responded well to the treatment and suggested that I go away and see what progressed. There was an option to book another appointment in a few days time which made me feel less panicked that ‘this has to work’.

Low and behold four days after treatment my waters broke naturally and I delivered a healthy little boy without requiring a medical induction. I strongly believe that acupuncture instigated and helped this process along.

I would definitely advice acupuncture for induction and I am sure I will see Aliya in the future for any other issues.

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