Elizabeth Chadwick

5.0 out of 5
Aliya was recommended to me by a friend following 12 months of trying to conceive and unfortunately suffering two miscarriages. During my first session Aliya talked through my previous medical and pregnancy history, she was extremely sympathetic and understanding, tailoring my sessions to my ultimate goal of having a healthy pregnancy. Aliya is so knowledgeable about Chinese medicine and combines acupuncture with healthy eating, exercise and recommended rest. Aliya’s talent is overwhelming, she can even tell by looking at your tongue if you haven’t been doing any exercise – there is no getting out of your homework, which if you put in the effort too, really pays off! The acupuncture sessions are really relaxing and gave me that ‘time out’ that my body and mind needed, I always feel fabulous afterwards! Through meeting Aliya I discovered that my periods were not healthy and some of my ‘eating and drinking’ habits were significantly affecting my chances of having a subsequent miscarriage. Aliya helped me to regulate my menstrual cycle to a text book 28 days, without any pain, clotting and resulting in a healthy ‘red’ blood. Aliya also helped me to manage a particularly stressful situation at work, giving me tips to complement the acupuncture and to enhance my overall wellbeing, which has helped me to become a stronger and more positive person. As a result, after only six sessions I am delighted to find out I am pregnant again! I genuinely feel different this time around and will continue to visit Aliya to support me through this pregnancy. Aliya is an amazing person, dedicated to her profession and using her skills to benefit others, I am truly indebted to her!

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