Hannah Morgan

5.0 out of 5
After trying to conceive for two years unsuccessfully, and suffering one miscarriage I decided to try accupuncture. Ali was extremely supportive from the outset and provided me with a different, welcome perspective on something that was becoming very frustrating emotionally and physically draining. From the first appointment I felt immediately relaxed and over the course of the next few weeks had noticed a huge improvement to my skin (mild acne due to pcos). Ali gave me homework after each session tailored specifically to what needed to improve and I followed this to the letter (none of it was unpleasant!) incredibly after only 6 weeks I discovered I was pregnant! I started seeing Ali weekly from this time to ensure the pregnancy was rooted and supported. This was so reassuring for me, particularly after my earlier miscarriage. I’m now 12 weeks pregnant and feeling fantastic and confident about my pregnancy, Ali was even able to help with my morning sickness when it struck at 7 weeks! Magic! I don’t know how or why acupuncture worked for me and to be honest I don’t care – it worked! Sometimes it’s just a question of putting your faith in something and someone else. I’ve already recommended Ali to good friends that are experiencing the same difficulties as I have every faith in her success rate.

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