Hayley Gilham

5.0 out of 5
When I first started seeing Aliya I had almost given up hope of ever having another child. I had been told by private doctors that my eggs were getting low so they would not let me try IVF, my doctor would not prescribe anymore clomid and we had had 2 miscarriages. So the acupuncture really was our last chance. After just one session with Aliya I had no monthly spotting before my period (usually I would have up to 4 days), only niggly period pain (used to be 7/10), bright red blood and no headaches. By session 5 my kidney pulse was very strong after being weak. Despite the stress of moving house by the next session I was pregnant. I was then, as expected very nervous after losing 2 babies the previous year but Aliya kept my pregnancy strong and rooted and really helped to ease the morning sickness in the early stages. I then went back to Aliya at 36 weeks and she helped to ease my carpal tunnel syndrome and prepare my body for the birth. I then went on to have a wonderful water birth and I now have a gorgeous little boy. So thank you Aliya from the bottom of my heart and anyone reading this – never give up hope. X.

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