5.0 out of 5
A friend recommended that I should have acupuncture with Aliya to help improve the chance of my IVF treatment being successful. Before my first appointment, I felt quite anxious and was worried that the treatment might be painful. Much to my relief, I felt immediately at ease with Ali. I found her to be very friendly, yet most professional. Before starting the treatment, I had a mini MOT of my general health. Ali was able to identify that my periods were not perfect and could have been affecting my fertility. So, as well as preparing my body for the IVF, Ali also sought to normalise my periods. I’d always had extremely painful headaches at my time of the month, yet after the first acupuncture session, they became markedly less painful. After several weekly sessions, they had disappeared completely. I felt so incredibly relieved not to have those intense headaches, which had previously hindered my home and work life. Very soon, my periods were just as Ali had explained they should be, no headaches, and no spotting. It was then time to prepare my body for the IVF. I had acupuncture in the run up to the embryo transfer, on the day of the transfer and weekly thereafter. My IVF and the acupuncture were a success; I became pregnant and have just had a beautiful baby girl, having waited five years and had one unsuccessful round of IVF previously. Therefore, I would heartily recommend having acupuncture with Ali. It doesn’t hurt, Ali makes you feel extremely comfortable and you will see positive results. Thank you Ali, your treatment and the support you offered were and always shall be greatly appreciated.

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