Joanne Brown

Firstly, I want to say to anyone who’s concerned about acupuncture and needles etc; please do not worry. Here’s why:
I am petrified of anything like this and my friends were so shocked to hear that I was going for acupuncture when I am so needle-phobic. But the pins are not like needles, nothing at all and they are so small too.

I was apprehensive on my first visit due to the above and, of course, wondering what will happen, what can I expect, how will I feel during it and after. Aliya is the lady who provides the treatments and she is so lovely and explains everything so clearly that my concerns were immediately obliterated. I didn’t feel the pins in my skin and after Aliya positioned them in the areas she felt I needed (as I was going for tinnitus and anxiety). I lay there so calm and relaxed that I nearly drifted off and forget why I was there. I was astonished to be honest but then something else happened….

On my second visit, I was calm and ready as I knew fully what to expect and whilst laying there comfortably with the pins again positioned in the areas administered; I felt this wave of calm as if someone had lifted a bag back from my body. I can’t explain why, I do not know to this day what happened but I do know that I felt lighter and my mind started to feel so much clearer.

I would be the first person to question alternative therapies but this was a surprise and a pleasant one. I even emailed Aliya asking if it was normal to have this happen and she said yes of course.

My anxiety reduced considerably from my visits. One can never underestimate how debilitating anxiety can be and when it gets a grip, it is hard to shake off. Acupuncture enabled me to relax for the first time in months and allow myself some clarity of thought. I was sleeping better and I was feeling so much better about things.

Aliya is a lovely person and very professional too. I have, since, recommend friends to her for treatment as it really helped me.

Do not hesitate to book – it’s worth every single penny!!

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