Julie Franklin

I had 5 treatments for a range of issues, swollen ankle for 6 months and GP checked for rheumatoid arthritis, not the case so they suggested ibuprofen but this didn’t work. Having the acupuncture released the tightness in the tendon in my foot and reduced the swelling. This has maintain movement freedom almost a year on. During assessment by the acupuncturist it was suggested I don’t ‘let go’ regarding emotions, this is true with respect to anger. When It was suggested I had a blocked gall bladder meridian and I expressed this to my GP he was amazed as I had an investigation for this. I can only thank Ali for the improvement I gained via acupuncture. I find to gain the most from any alternative treatment you need to be open-minded. I thought the pins would hurt but that was not the case for most pins with just the odd one being uncomfortable in an area of need. I experienced many sensations; smells changed, swirling on my scalp, waves passing through my body and a deep level of relaxation. Highly recommend this treatment.

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