Kerry Leigh

5.0 out of 5
I had my spleen and gall bladder removed in 2009 and have since suffer from a stomach condition called Gastritis. With it comes frequent flare ups of dreadful stomach pains, heartburn, nausea that can last for hours, bloating and general bad digestion while living on a really limited diet. A friend mentioned acupuncture to me after many doctors and specialists let me down and just wanted to mask the illness with drugs instead of trying to cure it. I discovered Ali online and I am very glad I did. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but she is so welcoming and understanding, you can tell all the questions she asks are for your benefit. Although I went for help with my stomach condition, Ali has begun to treat other problems too and is really informative about how each problem is connected and why needles are going in certain places. I have had 3 session so far, 1 every 2 weeks. Ali has helped with my irregular sleeping, painful periods, energy levels, stomach pains and I generally feel much calmer and less stressed after the sessions. Her little ‘homework’ cards with advice and caring words are a wonderful touch too. I would recommend acupuncture to anybody suffering from any health problems, but I especially recommend Ali- you really feel like she cares about your wellbeing and she makes you feel wonderful. Thank you so much Ali!

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