Marie Lord

5.0 out of 5
The joyous news if you do not wish to read any further is that I am 13 weeks pregnant and I do believe it is due to Fertility Acupuncture with Ali at Meridian Acupuncture and I cannot recommend this highly enough to you!! My issues were long cycle periods (32/33/34 days+ and getting longer) with a late ovulation date and I had recently developed Acne. I first visited Ali on 5th July 2012, by the 2nd session I’d noticed my appetite was under control again, I was sleeping very well and my digestive system was back up to speed. I had also lost 5lbs within a fortnight without doing anything out of the ordinary!! On the 3rd session sweating and dryness had disappeared, any headaches I was getting had stopped and I felt as if I was getting my life back in balance and reducing stress. On the 4th session the Acne had reduced dramatically (I was on medication – face gel – from the Drs but was using this rarely as it really dried out my skin) and still no headaches. Ali advises me she targeted some strong points to regulate menstruation and boost my fertility, when I returned on my 5th session I informed Ali that my period had started on Day 27 (Amazing by my track record!!), I had tender breasts, and was off the smell and taste of coffee … On the 6th session in October I was pregnant!! I now know I had conceived on 19th August 2012, just over 6 weeks after my first session.
So, in summary, all I can say to you is, if you are unsure do give it a try, I have no idea how this worked but it did and I am immensely grateful to Ali for her expertise.

Marie Lord.

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