Marie Marshall

5.0 out of 5
Ali has helped me become pregnant successfully twice. I last posted a review for Ali in November 2012 (which can still be viewed – I was then Marie Lord), my opinion has not changed however what I would like to clarify is that I have had 4 pregnancies in total, 2 have resulted in miscarriage, 1 has resulted in a beautiful (now 22 month old) baby girl and a second so far 25 week successful pregnancy expecting a boy. The detail is Ali assisted me with 2 of those pregnancies, I will leave it to you to work out which 2. She is a fantastic, sympathetic, understanding and knowledable practioner who understands more about you than you do. Her only aim is to help you in whatever areas you need and bring balance back to your life. Again, if you are not sure about fertility acupuncture, what have you got to lose? It is much less stressful and much lest costly than other avenues and it really will get body and mind ready for the beautiful journey that is pregnancy, it will hopefully help you in your goal (as it has mine twice) and the extras are other areas of your life can be improved (my skin, weight, and a calmer mind were my experiences), not only that the sense of inner peace is amazing once you had a session with Ali. So please, contact her and start to improve yourself as soon as you can.

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