Martin Barnsley

5.0 out of 5
I first came to Ali late in 2014 via the personal recommendation of a friend. I had a number of relatively minor conditions that needed attention but a major issue with resistant hypertension. For over 30 years my bp had been a good deal higher than was desirable. Very large amounts of western medication and even renal-nerve surgery had failed to return it to normal; neither had various alternative treatments had much impact.
The general rule-of-thumb for acupuncture is that it takes one treatment for every year the condition was experienced and so, with a 30 year history, I wasn’t expecting blistering progress However, by November 2015 my bp had returned to normal and has subsequently stayed there. This came as a total surprise to my GP and Consultant. Along the way I also suffered a repeat attack of Bell’s Palsy and Ali and acupuncture were able to treat this and speed my recovery.
Ali is a very relaxed and assured therapist and inspires a great of confidence; she is easy to get along with and I actually look forward to sessions. Ali has given me a real sense of the power of acupuncture.

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