Mehak Sood Paul

5.0 out of 5
Hi my name is Mehak. I’m with Aliya from last 9 months, she’s a great human being. My partner and I were trying for baby from 2014. I had endometriosis which was discovered by doctors in 2014. I had cyst removal surgery in 2016 and started trying for baby again but no positive result. I met Aliya when I was totally fed up from my life seeing negative pregnancy test results. When I met Aliya for the first time I still remember it was 1hr and 45 min session. In my first session with her during initial assessment I cried for 45 mins before she started the treatment. Great thing Is Aliya never make false promises, in first meeting She clearly said she can’t promise the pregnancy but acupuncture does help in fertility related issues. From 2014-2016 every month my periods used to get delayed by 5-10 days and The discharge used to be brown colour. Aliya told me that my womb was not well oxygenated that’s why I bleed brown. She started treating me and within 30-40 days I started feeling great, no headaches, my periods got regular and the colour was bright red. I started feeling healthy and very very happy. I took pregnancy test in feb 2017 and it was positive. I was so overwhelmed to see that, the credit goes to Aliya. Today I’m 30 weeks pregnant, I’ve been regular with Aliya and Never missed even a single session. Acupuncture has kept me active and healthy throughout my pregnancy. My partner and I we are glad to have Aliya in our life. Aliya will always be first mother to my child and we are thankful to her and acupuncture for this beautiful blessing. I recommend Meridian Acupuncture, if anyone needs any help or want to discuss any thing about acupuncture feel free to contact me.

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