Michelle Sisson

4.7 out of 5
Ali was recommended to me by my sister-in-law for treatment to prepare my body for birth.

I began seeing her at 36 weeks for cervical ripening to encourage a smooth labour. As I was already practicing Hypnobirthing it complimented the techniques I was already using in order to achieve as natural a birth as possible.

Throughout each session Ali was fantastic, asking me lots of questions to find out how I was doing and responding to the treatment.

Each session promoted deep relaxation and left me feeling very chilled out. On that basis alone it was lovely to be able to take that time out for myself to just block everything else out and focus on my body and my baby.

Two particular sessions stand out. The first being my sciatica being drastically improved overnight! I had been struggling with it towards the end of my pregnancy and it had been getting progressively worse. And after another session I immediately noted feeling the baby much lower together with lots of cramping where the baby had started to descend ready for birth.

Sadly I had to be induced due to high BP and also being 12 days overdue. I had desperately wanted to avoid it as it went against everything I was trying to achieve with natural childbirth. Despite that, my cervix was very favourable, and I dilated quickly with only the pessary, which I put entirely down to the treatment.

My baby is super chilled out and relaxed which I believe is strongly linked both to the Hypnobirthing and acupuncture. He rarely cries and will settle by himself, and many people comment that they’ve never known a baby like him.

Above all Ali is a very kind and lovely lady and I would recommend her to anyone.

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