Mrs L

5.0 out of 5
Meridian Acupuncture – Excellent for Children. Aliya solved my son’s termporary reduction of hearing and excessive ear fluid – avoiding unnecessary grommets. Aliya has worked miracles for me in the past for many different ailments. However on this occasion she treated my 7 yr old son, on June 16th 2016, as I was looking for a holistic alternative to the ear grommets that the Ear specialist had recommended for him at the hospital. I was very determined that he shouldn’t require a surgical treatment for the pain or the excess fluid from his head and ears.
Aliya chose Acupuncture and Colourpuncture to solve these issues. She also discussed the issues with him uncovering potential underlying emotional issues that were causing the blockages. She has a lovely way of talking to children and my son trusted her immediately and was able to open up and trust her straight away. In finding out some non physical issues from him, she also was able to cure other issues for him, including his night terrors, and boosted his kidney meridian. You may not have heard of Colourpuncture. But is was great. It just looks like a fun toy torch but uses coloured light to activate points. She chose yellow light to aid lymphatic drainage form his head and ears, and violet light to clear any night terrors he had been experiencing.
You may feel nervous about sending your child for acupuncture. However I can say my son loved it! He let out big relaxing sighs and started to fall into a deep rest, even with the needles in him. He thought the Colourpunture torch was magic, it was a very relaxing addition to the treatment and the needles and torch worked well together. The needles clearly didn’t hurt him, as he chose to tweak them himself increasing their effectiveness! The follow up suggestion for him to place a warmed ‘hot water bottle’ under his ears before bedtime, helped to drain the fluid from his ears and also improved his quality of sleep.
I would recommend Aliya to any parent seeking an alternative to drug or surgical treatment for their child. The benefits my son received, what both he and I learnt in the process, alongside the follow up advice was worth every penny, and it was an enjoyable, relaxing and reassuring experience for both of us – Aliya is an experienced, powerful and skilled healer.

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