Everytime I’d heard about acupuncture I presumed it was for help with muscle or tissue injuries, aches and pains. I’d never considered it to help with fertility. Struggling to conceive I thought there was no harm in trying it. Aliya was not only very thorough in her treatment but also suggested life changes to help. After a few sessions I immediately felt more energised, my monthly cycle changed just how Aliya said it would. I saw many positive changes. The cycle Aliya predicted was the one did actually work and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy in Nov 18. I was overjoyed ! She is very good at her job and has a lot of experience. I definitely recommend Aliya for acupuncture, not only to help with fertility issues, but also to help to balance your hormones and help you to feel better. I will for sure be using her services again! .

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