Natalie Elliott

5.0 out of 5
I was recommended to see Ali by a friend when I was struggling to conceive with my 2nd child. I’d been trying for some time and had also suffered a miscarriage and emotionally I was feeling quite low and stressed. I decided to have acupuncture as I wanted to see if it could benefit me, just like it had done my friend, in getting pregnant.

At each session, I felt so at ease talking about myself – emotionally and physically. I felt each time like my body was getting a complete overhaul. Ali would do a thorough consultation addressing what we had focused on at the last session and any noticeable changes. From this, Ali would carry out the acupuncture with specific attention to certain points to benefit me. I was then set simple homework tasks specifically tailored to what I needed to improve.

After just 1 treatment, I was immediately noticing differences – my headaches had eased off and I was feeling a lot more relaxed in general. Over the next few sessions I could see more benefits to my body and after just 4 sessions I found out I was pregnant.

Ali is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional – I traveled 50 miles to see Ali and it was most definitely worth it. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

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