Nicola A

I came to Aliya to help me with my fertility issues after I was told that my ovarian reserve was low and my first IVF cycle failed. I had just one egg retrieved at my first IVF. I had acupuncture sessions with Aliya and her magic needles worked. At my second IVF cycle Four eggs were collected and I had three embryos. I gave birth to a perfect baby girl in July 2019 and I could not be more happier. I am 43 years old and I think it was down to Aliya’s sessions that my IVF worked. Doctors told me I had just 7-8% chances of success. Aliya is a true professional, she is not just excellent at acupuncture, she was also a talking therapist to me. I was always telling her about my worries and I had great reassurance from her. I always felt calmer and happier after the sessions. Thank you so much Aliya.

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