Orietta Z L Houghland

Aliya’s acupuncture expertise is second to none. I had an extremely positive and value for money experience of her treatment throughout my pregnancy and postpartum from 2011 and till March 2012 when my baby was born. Her acupuncture was a relaxing experience and the wisdom of the Chinese medicine behind the acupuncture enabled Aliya to cure the cause of the symptoms. I found her treatment had a positive impact on the health of my overall pregnancy and in an easier birth. Although I had previously had a previous child I had suffered a miscarriage after. Aliya was able to keep this 3rd pregnancy of mine strongly rooted to full term.

Aliya treated me for several conditions, some common during pregnancy and after: emotional states, morning sickness, carpal tunnel syndrome, mastitis, dry skin conditions, flu, sinus pain, migraine, digestion issues, back ache, swollen legs, exhaustion and many more. I was fortunate that I had received acupuncture in the past so my body was able to respond quickly. Even Aliya was quite surprised when with just one session she was able to cure the carpal tunnel in my wrists.

In terms of the overall pregnancy and health of the baby, Aliya helped me keep the pregnancy grounded. My baby weighed 9.2lb and was a perfectly healthy boy who is very relaxed and happy. She was able to relax me with each session and I felt this had a positive impact. This was very important to me as I had previously suffered a miscarriage. When it came to the actual birth I had an amazing experience in comparison to my first child. I got to 9cm at home in just 2hrs! I managed on a tens machine and good breathing only. My contractions were very effective and not too painful at all. I totally believe the acupuncture had prepared my body well for this.

Her two most memorable sessions were: for the migraines that were blindingly painful in my last weeks before birth when I was feeling ill and had become very tired looking after my toddler – my GP’s only help was for very strong opiate based pain killers. However, Aliya was a miracle worker and with one session cleared my headaches within a few days. The other one was postpartum for mastitis (a painful breast feeding condition). Again I felt I was left high and dry by western medicine as I had been on antibiotics and paracetamol for a few weeks but it had not cleared fully. The GP said they could not help me any further unless my symptoms were extreme. Again with only one treatment Aliya cleared the symptoms fully and even cured some others relating to my dry skin which were apparently connected – according to Chinese medicine.

Overall I can recommend Aliya highly for anyone seeking a healthy pregnancy, birth and post natal recovery. I rate her expertise and feel each session was well worth the money. Her understanding of Chinese medicine and supportive, caring manner made every session a haven of tranquillity when I needed it most.

Thank you Aliya!

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