Penny Tate

4.7 out of 5
I first went to Ali in October 2010 having been booked off work by my GP with stress. I had always been able to cope with stress at work, however I guess doing 12-14 hour days for a long period of time soon took its toll. The stress manifested itself as chest pains due to the tension I held across my back and I also felt like a failure – “why could others cope and suddenly I cannot”

What impressed me with Ali was that she took the time to listen to me. She did not only treat the symptons of the stress but my whole body. We set 3 goals and they have all been met.

Ali would quite often give me a post card at the end of the session on which she had written what treatment she had done and then sometimes there was some “homework” for me to do. I have kept all the post cards and they have been really useful to look back on to see how far I have come and also as reminders of what I should be doing to look after myself.

Anyone thinking of trying acupunture for the first time, all I will say is go with an open mind. There were times it was rather painful and I did not really understand how this was going to help me. But the results soon started show. I have no chest pains, I am mentally and emotionally stronger. I am sleeping so much better without dreaming or having to get up to go the the bathroom.

I am back at work having managed to over come the stress by only using natural means – no drugs.

I still go every now and again to have a top up or an “MOT”.

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