Rebecca Postles

5.0 out of 5
In March 2017 my beautiful daughter Emilia arrived and I feel truly blessed. However the journey to concieving our daughter was not an easy one. It is only when you have battled with infertility that you truly understand how distressing this can be.
Ali was recommended to me by a friend following the birth of her daughter. I cannot recommend her sessions highly enough for many reasons. For me I felt the stress/anxiety lift making me feel better in myself. Not to mention the help with my periods etc. I have no doubt that Ali played a huge part in making it possible for us to have a child. It was a huge positive to me through my journey to have someone to talk to in confidence as life through me a few curve balls.
Thank you Ali, I will be continuing to come for Accupunture.
I can’t wait for you to meet our beautiful daughter.

To all my patients: past, present and future, I am taking a short sabbatical to study Oncology at Christies, hoping to be back soon.

I will also be raising money #pleasegiveusaquid for research into Inflammatory Breast Cancer and you can find the link by clicking here

100% of all proceeds goto Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research #IBC #TheChristie. You’re also welcome to fundraise on my behalf – have a cake sale, sponsored wine evening, run a marathon, sponsored silence ?

In my absence please contact:

 Gabby Lamplugh at Pink Lotus Acupuncture in Wilmslow  Kamal Bharma at Phoenix Jing in Altrincham Telephone: 07513 787872  Mandy Laing in Hale at Mandy Laing 5 Element Acupuncture  Annie Walker in Didsbury and Hale on 07980 922 854  Jenna Robins in Wilmslow 07776 234 575 for Acupuncture  Irina for Colourpuncture in Hazel Grove 07779 009 643  Lorraine and Alison for massage at Oxford Rd Clinic

If you think I’ve been able to help you, it really would make my day if you’d consider writing me a short review using links for Free Index (all clinics), and Google for the Altrincham Clinic and Wilmslow Clinic. I’m aiming to keep an active presence and hoping for one new review a month ? ? Prayers from all denominations gratefully received.

In love and light, Aliya xxx