Sophie Hall

5.0 out of 5
I first went to see Aliya in February 2015 after a traumatic ectopic pregnancy. My husband and I were keen to start a family and unfortunately we were dealt quite a rough hand! I was recommended to see Ali when speaking to my homeopath to help strengthen my body and prepare for another pregnancy, I have to say I was very nervous as I had never had acupuncture before, never known anyone who had done it so I didn’t know what to expect. On my first meeting my confidence was very low and my body was not in good shape. Ali made me feel right at home and even after my first treatment I left feeling very positive. The first few sessions Ali concentrated in clearing pains, sleeping better, easing anxiety and making my body strong and ready for a baby.
We soon decided to go down the IVF route and Ali was there every step of the way. She helped alongside the drug treatment not only with the physical but also the emotional. We chose the natural frozen embryo transfer cycle and Ali saw me just before the transfer and right after which I truly believe resulted in the positive pregnancy test on the 15th November! Ali then saw me every week (sometimes even twice a week at my more anxious times) throughout the whole of my pregnancy. Not only did Ali help in getting my pregnant she then became a very important support network for me. Being pregnant after a traumatic time was very scary and I was worried about everything! Every twinge and movement I would panic about but Ali was there to reassure me and keep little baby strong and safe.
When I was ready to ‘pop’ Ali then induced me and little Amelie Iva was born on the 15th July. She came into the world very strong, healthy and most importantly to a happy and healthy mum. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been able to do any of it without Ali and we owe a lot to her for all of her support throughout a very difficult time. Ali will have a very special place in our family and I can’t recommend her enough! Now, if that hasn’t made you want to use Ali then this will…Amelie is a false advert for babies! She is so calm and content. She loves to sleep and feed and her development is fantastic. People can’t quite believe how calm and easy she is! That is also all down to Ali making her strong and chilled throughout the pregnancy…that or she was a Buddha in a past life! The last thing I want to say, is not only will Ali help you physically, you will receive such care and emotional support, and sometimes just a friendly rational person to let off some (usually irrational) thoughts too! I have never received such care from a professional in all my time. She is wonderful! I just wish that every expectant or hoping to be expectant mother has the privilege of seeing Ali.

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