Stephanie Schrempft

5.0 out of 5
I first came to see Aliya for acupuncture when I moved back home towards the end of my pregnancy. It had been a stressful period and I was booked in for a cesarean. The treatment really helped to keep me calm and prepare me for the birth. I felt the benefits quickly and have since been continuing treatment to help with my recovery post cesarean. Not only has Aliya helped to keep me calm during the postnatal period, but she has also helped my scar to heal, and has reduced the numbness. What I particularly like about Aliya’s approach is that she tailors each session to your needs, and she gives feedback throughout the treatment process to help you feel at ease. She has also given me great advice in other aspects of health and well being, and is very easy to talk to. I will be moving out of the area again soon, but I will continue treatment with Aliya whenever possible.

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