Tehya Cody

5.0 out of 5
I have been trying to conceive for 3 years with my partner and had one failed ivf round. Ivf can be an emotional roller within itself which on top of any other stress can have a negative impact on life. Initially I booked in with Alliyah for my fertility issues and confided to her about my life experiences and ivf. I was soon to realise that she had helped me heal, relax and de-stress. Her calming influence and words of wisdom speak volumes, and she is extremely experienced in many fields. Surprisingly she mentioned for me to ask my fertility doctor for the endemetrial scratch which I have just had before my second ivf round, so fingers crossed.
Every time I leave the accupuncture session I am rejuvenated and manage to forget about stress or worries. I am the type who usually eats crisps, chocolate, takeaways etc but since seeing Alliyah I haven’t felt the need to do so like I once did and I have only seen her a few times! Her comments and feedback card with a to-do-list is an advantage and although I know she is a busy lady the service is never rushed. You can visit Alliyah at a number of locations and she is flexible which is ideal. I would highly recommend this lady to anyone and know that she will try her upmost to help with not just one issue but as many as she can. Alliyah told me I didn’t have to leave a review until I had my good news on a BFP but I informed her that I would still write one as I appreciate all that she has done for me.

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