Beatrice King

I am 81 years old and for some years have suffered with two debilitating conditions; Parkinson’s and Myasthenia Gravis – both neurological and incurable. In addition to these, I suffer with the most excruciating nerve pain. Aliya agreed to visit me in my home, as I struggle with mobility due to the pain.
Aliya is such a therapeutic person; gentle, unintrusive and radiating positivity. We have wonderful conversations during treatment and you can be totally honest with her as she is non judgmental and committed to a holistic approach; consequently, I never feel as if I am simply one of her patients.
Aliya and I both know there is no cure for my conditions, but acupuncture can provide me with pain free days, so that I am able to live more fully. From her first visit, she offered me hope for release from pain which I was beginning to believe would never go away. Often when she leaves, I am completely free of pain.
At my age and with my conditions, one much live a day at a time and value all that improves the quality of that day. I would like to thank Aliya for relieving my pain and bringing hope.

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