Zena Cassels

5.0 out of 5
At almost a week overdue with my second baby I was very grateful to Aliya for carrying out an accupuncture session designed to encourage the onset of labour and ease the progress and pain of labour. I was helped to feel completely at ease throughout the session and had complete confidence in Aliya’s skill and expertise, reinforced by her continual questionning and tailouring of her technique to ensure my comfort, in balance with optimum effectiveness. When Louis finally got himself in the right position 3 days later, my labour was amaizingly quick and straightforward (he was born 1 hr 15mins after my waters broke with the second stage lasting only 12 minutes!!). In fact, everything I had hoped for, especially after my 2 day ordeal with my first baby! I am certain that the accupuncture helped with this and I will be forever grateful to Aliya for her professional and caring approach. Thankyou!

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