Treatment Type: Treating Children

Claire Rankin

5.0 out of 5
I found Aliya when my husband and I were almost at the point of believing we would never conceive and carry to term a baby. We had suffered the turmoil of consecutive miscarriages and then failing to conceive for over a year. I remembered seeing a piece about the benefits of acupuncture and much to our relief after some searching I came across Aliya’s name.

At my first treatment Aliya immediately put me at ease and gave me the confidence that we would get there. Aliya identified a number of areas we needed to work on and overtime we addressed them all. Acupuncture is a wonderful treatment method and Aliya is a gifted practitioner. Believe it or not Aliya knew I was pregnant before I did!

This wasn’t a quick process, it took time, but I believed in Aliya and trusted that she could help us. I think that for me was one of the most important things. Aliya is just lovely and I can’t think of a nicer person to help you through one of the hardest times of your life.

Aliya goes the extra mile and fitted me in for treatments to ensure that the pregnancy stayed strong and rooted. After some early bleeding I had a treatment and on the way home it felt as though our little embryo was burrowing deep into my womb. I continued to see Aliya throughout my pregnancy and I’m pleased to say the treatments all worked as I delivered a very healthy baby boy after suffering with gestational diabetes.

After our baby was born Aliya did a wonderful light treatment for him, which he loved.

I often hear people say they didn’t get on with acupuncture, to which I always say, well you should go and see Aliya.

We’re just so thankful that I found Aliya as everyday we now get to see our miracle baby enjoying life and growing happily.

Parent from Manchester

5.0 out of 5
Helping children with Autism – I went to Aliya to help my primary school age son who had a number of mild to moderate issues relating to his diagnosis (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). Aliya used both colour puncture (a non-invasive method using a light shining through coloured lenses that looked like a torch) and also some fine and gentle needles. We needed to clear his blocked ears, which if they go too far would mean a doctor would recommend grommets. We also wanted to calm his central nervous system, keep his mind sharp and alert, balance his emotions, reduce his fears and improve his energy levels. My son was calm through the whole process and was not concerned about the needles and Aliya is brilliant with children. The next day he was in great spirits, very energised, helpful, alert and that bit more socially aware. He said himself he felt better than he had for a long time. His hearing is now restored after clearing his blocked ear. Aliya knows a series of very special acupuncture points for helping children on the Autistic spectrum, I would recommend any parent to try this method. We will be coming to Aliya regularly moving forward to continue this support for our son, as it already shows benefit to him alongside other interventions we do at home on an ongoing basis.