Treatment Type: Colitis

Jessica Allen

5.0 out of 5
I had heard about acupuncture for the five elements from a friend who lives quite a way away and told me to research this treatment for imbalanced emotions. I first saw Ali in Oct 14 initially as I was having trouble getting upset about my father (for no reason – he was fine!) and after just one session I didnt cry since. I continued to see Ali on a regular basis to keep me feeling balanced and to also help with my Colitis – an ongoing digestive condition. Whilst I was there Ali would ensure my health was okay in other areas – one of which I was even aware was ‘normal’ was night sweats during menstruation. I continued to visit Ali every now and again to keep these ailments at bay, if I was going through stressful times or feeling low then this would keep me topped up.
In Nov 16 I unfortunately suffered a miscarriage and Ali performed appropriate acupuncture to nourish my body at a very low time and help also to help balance my emotions. I began seeing a therapist in January and returned to Ali in May 17 as I was struggling to get my periods back to normal following the miscarriage and was also dealing with my Dad being diagnosed with cancer. Ali performed the acupuncture and gave me guidance of things to do to bring things back inline. In June 17 my husband and I were finally ready to try again and Ali performed bi-monthly acupuncture to prepare my body to become pregnant and give me the best chances of a successful conception. After a few sessions and following her guidance/homework to the letter (she really knows her stuff, but you have to be committed and do what she says at home!) by the end of July I became pregnant!!!!! ? Upon seeing that ‘dreamed of’ blue line on the pregnancy test, I then visited Ali on a weekly basis until I reached 12 weeks. This was to keep the pregnancy strong, calm my expected anxiousness following previous miscarriage and also to treat my morning sickness. Not only did it do all of these things but it actually was such a relief to be able to visit someone on a weekly basis who is an expert in their field and so reassuring. In days when my anxiety was very bad, Ali would keep me calm and reassure me all of my symptoms were right on track and the pregnancy was going perfectly. Without this I am not sure how I would have got through the first trimester – she really is like a fairy godmother, always there in your times of need xx.