Treatment Type: Pregnancy - migraines, heartburn, sickness, carpal tunnel, back pain, inducing labour

Michelle A

We cannot recommend Aliya enough! She is warm, attentive and so supportive as a therapist. She really cares about all of her patients and tries everything she can to help them on their journey. Acupuncture was recommended to me after an ectopic pregnancy, followed quickly by two miscarriages. It was such a difficult time in our lives. I hadn’t really done anything like that before, but was ready to try something new. Aliya really helped to keep me calm and give us hope! She talked to me before every session and went on to chat to my Husband who always supported me by coming to the waiting room. The Acupuncture was gentle and gave us a sense of relief after each session – it really helped to keep us going! I continued to see Aliya all the way through my pregnancy, just before having our beautiful baby girl. I feel like she was there by my side, every step of the way. I truly believe Aliya helped to make our dreams come true!

Louise L

I have been seeing Aliya for acupuncture for about four years. She helped me to get over the very painful experience of an ectopic pregnancy and to go on to conceive successfully soon afterwards. I now have two healthy children – one aged two years, and one aged two months. I had acupuncture throughout both pregnancies and wouldn’t have done it any other way. In the past Aliya has also given me treatments to get on top of migraines and to support my emotional wellbeing as I grieved for the loss of my father. She has a very personable approach to treatments, explaining the points in simple terms, and is very easy to talk to. I highly recommend a visit to see her!

Victoria M

I started seeing Aliya back in June. I have always had irregular cycles and had been trying for a baby. I was unsure of accupuncture at first and the benefits but a few friends had recommended it, so I googled local practices. I am glad that I found Aliya, she immediately put me at ease. I started seeing Aliya once/sometimes twice a month and I always felt relaxed after my session, which ultimately helped with my cycle. Aliya is a great listener and offered very useful medical advice. I can’t recommend accupuncture enough if you’re a worrier like me. I am so happy to say that I am now pregnant and will continue to see Aliya. Thank you Aliya!

Viki Clapham

I booked 2 treatments with Aliya at Meridian Acupuncture, with the hope that it would help with inducing labour. I was overdue at the time of my appointments.
Aliya was thorough and patient throughout the initial consultation while we established the additional areas I wanted to help and work on.
She appeared knowledgeable and confident in her practice, yet focused and guided by the in the moment ques of how my body responded to the treatment.
I would whole heartedly recommend Aliya to anyone considering acupuncture treatment (and I have already bought a gift voucher for a treatment for a family member)! I am also likely to attend further treatments to help nurture and realign my body and its ailments.

Mrs Rigby

I have been seeing Ali for over 5 years. She is absolutely Wonderful and I cannot recommend her highly enough! She takes her time to listen, often asking questions about issues you never think to mention…Then explains how everything is connected. I started seeing Ali when preparing for a second pregnancy at the age of 45. The IVF worked first time, despite a history of five previous miscarriages!She is a wonderful gift to the world and I would urge anybody reading this and struggling with fertility, to please go along, listen and believe! Thank you Ali, see you soon xx.


Everytime I’d heard about acupuncture I presumed it was for help with muscle or tissue injuries, aches and pains. I’d never considered it to help with fertility. Struggling to conceive I thought there was no harm in trying it. Aliya was not only very thorough in her treatment but also suggested life changes to help. After a few sessions I immediately felt more energised, my monthly cycle changed just how Aliya said it would. I saw many positive changes. The cycle Aliya predicted was the one did actually work and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy in Nov 18. I was overjoyed ! She is very good at her job and has a lot of experience. I definitely recommend Aliya for acupuncture, not only to help with fertility issues, but also to help to balance your hormones and help you to feel better. I will for sure be using her services again! .

Hannah M

Photo uploaded by Hannah MorganI’ve seen Aliya through both of my pregnancies but my most recent experience was in preparation for the birth of my little boy Ted. I had gone a week overdue and my midwife had started to discuss induction which was something I was hoping to avoid. I was anxious about the idea of induction and really wanted to kick things off naturally. Aliya was fantastic, very calm (as usual, i’m presuming she comes across quite a few anxious pregnant ladies in her job!) I had an appointment with Aliya to help encourage labour. It was fantastic, bizarrely I felt calm, I felt ready and also confident that my body would work with me to deliver my son. I remember Aliya texting me to check I was ok the following day and offfering me another session and that she could squeeze me in before she was going on holiday (this is the kind of thoughtful person Aliya is) anyway it wasn’t necessary! I’d started to have contractions within 36 hours of the appointment and had my little boy in a water birth with just gas and air 8 hours later. This was my dream birth plan and I’m so glad I was able to see this through. I’m convinced that using acupuncture to help me induce labour was key to this process.

Lucy Thompson

I have been coming to Ali since the end of 2015 after suffering a miscarriage. My cycles were all over the place and I was keen to fall pregnant quickly. Within two good cycles I was pregnant again. She helped me through the pregnancy and I had a very smooth delivery and a healthy little boy. After suffering a second miscarriage in Christmas 2017 she helped me through it all with several treatments close together. A week after the last treatment I was pregnant again. Treatments during the course of this pregnancy kept me very relaxed especially the ‘inducing’ treatments at the end. The birth wasn’t as smooth as baby was a lot bigger but after a postnatal treatment I felt on top of the world. I would recommend meridian to anyone going through similar experiences. I intend to continue the occasional treatment with her even now my family is complete.

Charlotte Moffatt

I cannnot recommend Aliya highly enough! To give some context, my husband and I had been trying to start a family for two and a half years, during which time we had suffered a miscarriage, been diagnosed with unexplained infertility (during a 16-month period with no pregnancy), an ectopic pregnancy and a failed round of IVF.

Before our second round of IVF, I did some research and saw increasing evidence of acupuncture supporting this, and a friend recommended Aliya.

I must admit, I was sceptical but was willing to try anything. From the very first appointment Aliya put me completely at ease, and identifed issues that had been affecting my fertility. For example, after just 1 session, she managed to drastically ease period pains that had crippled me since my teens.

Aliya and I worked together throughout the IVF, and I had sessions during the entire process, most importantly straight after embryo transfer. The result? I am typing this with my 5-week old son in my arms… whilst my husband is cuddling our 5-week old daughter! Having truly thought I may never have children, I am now the proud (and exhausted) mother of twins, and I truly believe that the IVF success was down to Aliya. Thank you, fron the bottom of my heart x.

Kimberly Dienes

I went to Aliya a year ago as of May 16th because I was one week plus past my due date. I was induced with my first child and I didn’t want to go that route again if possible. I had acupuncture to stimulate labour at 3:30pm. Nathaniel was born at 11:58pm that night. Contractions started intensively about an hour after the appointment and I had him three hours after we arrived at the hospital. Thanks SO much for helping me have my beautiful son!!