Treatment Type: Colourpuncture

Owain R

After losing my father suddenly and trying to navigate overwhelming emotions and trauma, I was recommended to go to Aliya for acupuncture therapy to help deal with my loss. This was something I had never considered but Aliya came highly regarded by someone close to me so I booked in for a couple of sessions with an open mind. Aliya performed Acupuncture and Colourpuncture therapy on me while engaging in a very calm and open conversation. It’s safe to say Aliya is extremely skilled at what she does. I left the sessions feeling more a at peace with the awful news I had received, I was able to process everything more easily and overall felt like I had a better understanding of how to get through this dire situation. If you’re struggling with this something like this I would absolutely book in with Aliya and let her try and help you deal and cope in extremely difficult circumstances. .

Lucy T

I have been coming to Ali for 6 years now. The sessions are my little haven of relaxation and I always feel on top of the worldI cannot thank Ali enough for all she has done for me and my family. Originally I came for conceiving my 2nd baby after a miscarriage and he arrived very quickly after my 2nd session. Another 2 babies later…. I cannot recommend acupuncture with Ali enough.

Nuala O

After trying for a second baby for over a year I went to see Ali following a friend’s recommendation. Ali was very thorough from the get go, wanting to ensure she understood everything that was happening from a body and a life point of view. After approx six months of trying to regulate my periods and reduce my stress levels, we got to the stage where they were regular and operating how they should be. However, we knew falling pregnant naturally would be a challenge as I have a very low AMH.

Myself and my husband knew that if we wanted to do IVF we would have to do it as quickly as possible because we knew the success rate would always be on the low side due to my egg quantity. We decided to go for IVF as soon as the first lockdown was lifted. I visited Ali once a week in the three months leading up to IVF to ensure my body was ready. Ali was fabulous during the IVF process, a constant positive attitude but also so flexible. One example of this is on implantation day I had to be at the clinic super early. Ali was more than happy to see me ahead of her clinic times to ensure I could have the treatment. I have no doubt that Ali’s nature and flexibility helped our IVF process.
I’m very pleased to say that despite only collecting three eggs and two being implanted, we now have a healthy baby girl who was born last week.
I honestly couldn’t recommend Ali enough. Her treatment, her personality, her calming nature, her positive mindset – I truly believe all of this helped me be in the right frame of mind for IVF and for having our little girl.
Ali – we will forever be grateful for you, your way of being, your calming influence and your understanding

Mary Jane W

Ali is positive, cheery and intuitive and her wide ranging modalities that come under the umbrella of acupuncture create a fully rounded and very nurturing practice. I was in such pain when I first went to see her, with herniated discs and lots of referred pain and sleep deprivationShe really holds space for healing to occur and to soothe and treat in a really beautiful and patient centred way. I’ll always recommend her!

Anna M

Aliya is an outstanding practitioner, she has helped me immeasurably to cope with a devastating bereavement, I also very much look forward to my acupuncture sessions as they are so helpful for my general well being. I tell everyone I know about her! I highly recommend her services.


I was sceptical of acupuncture but a family member highly recommended Aliya to help with depression, anxiety and stress. I wasn’t expecting immediate results but was surprised I felt lighter and happier after my first treatment. I have since had 5 further treatments and can only sing Aliya’s praises. She truly is amazing at what she does. My mood is generally a lot more happier and my relationship with my family has improved significantly. I have recommended Aliya to other family members who have also been impressed by the quality of her work. Aliya is real credit to the profession and I would highly recommend her.

Nicola A

I came to Aliya to help me with my fertility issues after I was told that my ovarian reserve was low and my first IVF cycle failed. I had just one egg retrieved at my first IVF. I had acupuncture sessions with Aliya and her magic needles worked. At my second IVF cycle Four eggs were collected and I had three embryos. I gave birth to a perfect baby girl in July 2019 and I could not be more happier. I am 43 years old and I think it was down to Aliya’s sessions that my IVF worked. Doctors told me I had just 7-8% chances of success. Aliya is a true professional, she is not just excellent at acupuncture, she was also a talking therapist to me. I was always telling her about my worries and I had great reassurance from her. I always felt calmer and happier after the sessions. Thank you so much Aliya.

Parent from Manchester

5.0 out of 5
Helping children with Autism – I went to Aliya to help my primary school age son who had a number of mild to moderate issues relating to his diagnosis (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). Aliya used both colour puncture (a non-invasive method using a light shining through coloured lenses that looked like a torch) and also some fine and gentle needles. We needed to clear his blocked ears, which if they go too far would mean a doctor would recommend grommets. We also wanted to calm his central nervous system, keep his mind sharp and alert, balance his emotions, reduce his fears and improve his energy levels. My son was calm through the whole process and was not concerned about the needles and Aliya is brilliant with children. The next day he was in great spirits, very energised, helpful, alert and that bit more socially aware. He said himself he felt better than he had for a long time. His hearing is now restored after clearing his blocked ear. Aliya knows a series of very special acupuncture points for helping children on the Autistic spectrum, I would recommend any parent to try this method. We will be coming to Aliya regularly moving forward to continue this support for our son, as it already shows benefit to him alongside other interventions we do at home on an ongoing basis.