Gender: Female

Sue B

Ali is truly amazing, I visited her over 8 years ago as I had problems with my hip and her services are brilliant. I then sailed through the menopause thanks to Ali and recently she has helped me with a sad situation. Whatever you are trying to fix, Ali is fantastic and can really help you I am confident of that.

Louise L

I have been seeing Aliya for acupuncture for about four years. She helped me to get over the very painful experience of an ectopic pregnancy and to go on to conceive successfully soon afterwards. I now have two healthy children – one aged two years, and one aged two months. I had acupuncture throughout both pregnancies and wouldn’t have done it any other way. In the past Aliya has also given me treatments to get on top of migraines and to support my emotional wellbeing as I grieved for the loss of my father. She has a very personable approach to treatments, explaining the points in simple terms, and is very easy to talk to. I highly recommend a visit to see her!

Victoria M

I started seeing Aliya back in June. I have always had irregular cycles and had been trying for a baby. I was unsure of accupuncture at first and the benefits but a few friends had recommended it, so I googled local practices. I am glad that I found Aliya, she immediately put me at ease. I started seeing Aliya once/sometimes twice a month and I always felt relaxed after my session, which ultimately helped with my cycle. Aliya is a great listener and offered very useful medical advice. I can’t recommend accupuncture enough if you’re a worrier like me. I am so happy to say that I am now pregnant and will continue to see Aliya. Thank you Aliya!

Mary C

It is with a heartfelt thank you that I would like to give Aliya. She offered a friendly, confidential, professional service and supported me through an extremely difficult time. This enabled me to feel relaxed during our sessions and for days after. I had treatment before, during and after my IVF journey. I became pregnant and had a beautiful little girl. I truly believe my acupuncture sessions contributed to my successful, healthy pregnancy and a perfect baby. Thank you x

Alex A

I had acupuncture with Aliya to assist with fertility. After a number of years with unexplained infertility, I became pregnant and had a baby from our 5th IVF cycle. During the time that we were trying to conceive I found acupuncture to be so helpful as not only were the sessions very relaxing, Aliya would give suggestions of what I needed to focus on. The sessions improved my cycles noticeably and gave me something within my control to focus on which I found so useful when going through infertility which feels so out of your control. I believe that Aliya really helped me not only through the acupuncture sessions themselves but also with general well-being and minimising stress and when I became pregnant I knew how to prioritise that above all else.

Ellie Levens

I started seeing Aliya in July 2019 due to some mild but persistent MS symptoms. Whilst I still have some symptoms, they are definitely much improved. Also, my monthly cycle now no longer rules my life, as it has done since I was 13. Aliya makes sure I don’t suffer with my periods in any way and this has massively improved my physical and mental wellbeing. Aliya is absolutely amazing and I can honestly say she has changed my life! Thank you Aliya, you have a client for life and I can’t recommend you enough x.

Rachel D

I had a number of sessions with Ali to support me through a fertility process. Ali was always so kind and compassionate and I found the sessions really relaxing during a difficult time.

Christine Little

On Oct 18 2018 I first consulted Ali for treatment to my right hand trigger finger and neck pain. Both of these are now almost completely cured. On Nov 13th this year I sought help for pain in the hip and right knee, which was almost continuous and unbearable. I have now reached the point when I rarely take pain relief. The acupuncture treatment was really beneficial and I would certainly recommend it highly.

Viki Clapham

I booked 2 treatments with Aliya at Meridian Acupuncture, with the hope that it would help with inducing labour. I was overdue at the time of my appointments.
Aliya was thorough and patient throughout the initial consultation while we established the additional areas I wanted to help and work on.
She appeared knowledgeable and confident in her practice, yet focused and guided by the in the moment ques of how my body responded to the treatment.
I would whole heartedly recommend Aliya to anyone considering acupuncture treatment (and I have already bought a gift voucher for a treatment for a family member)! I am also likely to attend further treatments to help nurture and realign my body and its ailments.