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I started seeing Ali when I felt I was struggling to get pregnant following a miscarriage and then continued to see her when I did manage to get pregnant because my worry was then staying pregnant!

I saw Ali up until week 20 and then again from week 35. I remember her saying she cannot guarantee it but a lot of her clients had produced ‘chilled babies’! I am pleased to say I have had a very happy chilled baby that has been a great sleeper……coincidence or not…?! I also had a labour than was a lot less traumatic than it was expected to be (following a traumatic miscarriage). The labour team were very surprised. So again is this a coincidence or not…?!

I have recommended Ali to other pregnant friends and will definitely be seeing her again in the future.

Joanne Brown

Firstly, I want to say to anyone who’s concerned about acupuncture and needles etc; please do not worry. Here’s why:
I am petrified of anything like this and my friends were so shocked to hear that I was going for acupuncture when I am so needle-phobic. But the pins are not like needles, nothing at all and they are so small too.

I was apprehensive on my first visit due to the above and, of course, wondering what will happen, what can I expect, how will I feel during it and after. Aliya is the lady who provides the treatments and she is so lovely and explains everything so clearly that my concerns were immediately obliterated. I didn’t feel the pins in my skin and after Aliya positioned them in the areas she felt I needed (as I was going for tinnitus and anxiety). I lay there so calm and relaxed that I nearly drifted off and forget why I was there. I was astonished to be honest but then something else happened….

On my second visit, I was calm and ready as I knew fully what to expect and whilst laying there comfortably with the pins again positioned in the areas administered; I felt this wave of calm as if someone had lifted a bag back from my body. I can’t explain why, I do not know to this day what happened but I do know that I felt lighter and my mind started to feel so much clearer.

I would be the first person to question alternative therapies but this was a surprise and a pleasant one. I even emailed Aliya asking if it was normal to have this happen and she said yes of course.

My anxiety reduced considerably from my visits. One can never underestimate how debilitating anxiety can be and when it gets a grip, it is hard to shake off. Acupuncture enabled me to relax for the first time in months and allow myself some clarity of thought. I was sleeping better and I was feeling so much better about things.

Aliya is a lovely person and very professional too. I have, since, recommend friends to her for treatment as it really helped me.

Do not hesitate to book – it’s worth every single penny!!


Aliya is wonderful. It took me a while to conceive with my first and I had acupuncture and when we ready to try for our second I decided to use acupuncture again. As had been trying for a few months with no success. From calling round local acupuncturists, Aliya was by far the most helpful and accommodating. She also has clinics across Manchester, which I found useful as I travel a lot with work. Every time I visited I left feeling very calm and she also provide many useful tips. I found her extremely knowledgeable on fertility. Just after 3 sessions I found out I was pregnant! I would highly recommend Aliya.

Hannah M

Photo uploaded by Hannah MorganI’ve seen Aliya through both of my pregnancies but my most recent experience was in preparation for the birth of my little boy Ted. I had gone a week overdue and my midwife had started to discuss induction which was something I was hoping to avoid. I was anxious about the idea of induction and really wanted to kick things off naturally. Aliya was fantastic, very calm (as usual, i’m presuming she comes across quite a few anxious pregnant ladies in her job!) I had an appointment with Aliya to help encourage labour. It was fantastic, bizarrely I felt calm, I felt ready and also confident that my body would work with me to deliver my son. I remember Aliya texting me to check I was ok the following day and offfering me another session and that she could squeeze me in before she was going on holiday (this is the kind of thoughtful person Aliya is) anyway it wasn’t necessary! I’d started to have contractions within 36 hours of the appointment and had my little boy in a water birth with just gas and air 8 hours later. This was my dream birth plan and I’m so glad I was able to see this through. I’m convinced that using acupuncture to help me induce labour was key to this process.


I am absolutely delighted to tell you that I am 12 weeks pregnant! Baby is perfect, wriggling away and incredible! I could not have got to this huge milestone without the support, treatment and advice you gave to me. Without you I would never had gone to Zlin (www., it was here, and our 6th cycle we finally had success, and would never have found the peace and affirmations within myself which I truly believe was the turning point for me. I will be forever indebted to you! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I’ll see you in the new year along with my bump! Aliya, keep performing your miracles, you have made my dreams come true, Donna


I first starting seeing Aliya in March 2017 following a recommendation from a friend after suffering from migraines since the age of 15. I was also having cluster headaches which would last for several days. After the first session I noticed the frequency of headaches had immediately reduced. I also suffer from tightness in my neck and back. Aliya’s acupuncture has made such a difference – increasing energy flow to my head and neck / back. My headaches are now far less frequent and severe. I was taking sumatriptan to be able to just get through the days when I had a migraine and now very rarely have to take any medication – a great success.

In addition, I have been suffering with menopausal symptoms. Aliya has also been able to calm these, particularly the hot flushes.

Aliya makes every session a peaceful and relaxing experience – thank you!

Lucy A

I am writing this review with my 6 week baby in my arms. After having unexplained infertility and also an ectopic which resulted in loosing a tube I turned to Ali for treatment during ivf cycles. With both my successful pregnancies and also my ectopic I found the treatment supported getting my body into the best place possible for success and even more importantly helped me to stay positive and let go of any stresses going on in life! I would and have recommend Ali to others having ivf or just struggling to conceive. She completely puts you at ease from that first emotional phone call and has been there for me 100% during each course of treatment.

Lucy Thompson

I have been coming to Ali since the end of 2015 after suffering a miscarriage. My cycles were all over the place and I was keen to fall pregnant quickly. Within two good cycles I was pregnant again. She helped me through the pregnancy and I had a very smooth delivery and a healthy little boy. After suffering a second miscarriage in Christmas 2017 she helped me through it all with several treatments close together. A week after the last treatment I was pregnant again. Treatments during the course of this pregnancy kept me very relaxed especially the ‘inducing’ treatments at the end. The birth wasn’t as smooth as baby was a lot bigger but after a postnatal treatment I felt on top of the world. I would recommend meridian to anyone going through similar experiences. I intend to continue the occasional treatment with her even now my family is complete.

Holly Clements

I had a consultation and a treatment for migraines. I felt better straight after the treatment, the whole experience was enlightening and has given me hope after reaching a dead-end with western medicine. I left feeling much more knowledgeable about Chinese medicine and why I am experiencing migraines; I look forward to my next session. I will definitely be recommending – thank you!

Charlotte Moffatt

I cannnot recommend Aliya highly enough! To give some context, my husband and I had been trying to start a family for two and a half years, during which time we had suffered a miscarriage, been diagnosed with unexplained infertility (during a 16-month period with no pregnancy), an ectopic pregnancy and a failed round of IVF.

Before our second round of IVF, I did some research and saw increasing evidence of acupuncture supporting this, and a friend recommended Aliya.

I must admit, I was sceptical but was willing to try anything. From the very first appointment Aliya put me completely at ease, and identifed issues that had been affecting my fertility. For example, after just 1 session, she managed to drastically ease period pains that had crippled me since my teens.

Aliya and I worked together throughout the IVF, and I had sessions during the entire process, most importantly straight after embryo transfer. The result? I am typing this with my 5-week old son in my arms… whilst my husband is cuddling our 5-week old daughter! Having truly thought I may never have children, I am now the proud (and exhausted) mother of twins, and I truly believe that the IVF success was down to Aliya. Thank you, fron the bottom of my heart x.