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Rachael Fitzgerald

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I contacted Ali after a recommendation to support my IVF. From the first phone call to Ali she put me at ease and fitted me in straight away for a pre embryo transfer acupuncture treatment then a post embryo transfer acupuncture treatment. Ali put me in the right mind set and I truly believe that without her magic we wouldn’t be where we are today with our positive test result making us 8 weeks pregnant. I have been to see Ali a couple more times since the embryo transfer and will continue to see her through my pregnancy. I would highly recommend anyone needing any help on their journey to contact Ali ????.

Julie Franklin

I had 5 treatments for a range of issues, swollen ankle for 6 months and GP checked for rheumatoid arthritis, not the case so they suggested ibuprofen but this didn’t work. Having the acupuncture released the tightness in the tendon in my foot and reduced the swelling. This has maintain movement freedom almost a year on. During assessment by the acupuncturist it was suggested I don’t ‘let go’ regarding emotions, this is true with respect to anger. When It was suggested I had a blocked gall bladder meridian and I expressed this to my GP he was amazed as I had an investigation for this. I can only thank Ali for the improvement I gained via acupuncture. I find to gain the most from any alternative treatment you need to be open-minded. I thought the pins would hurt but that was not the case for most pins with just the odd one being uncomfortable in an area of need. I experienced many sensations; smells changed, swirling on my scalp, waves passing through my body and a deep level of relaxation. Highly recommend this treatment.

Beatrice King

I am 81 years old and for some years have suffered with two debilitating conditions; Parkinson’s and Myasthenia Gravis – both neurological and incurable. In addition to these, I suffer with the most excruciating nerve pain. Aliya agreed to visit me in my home, as I struggle with mobility due to the pain.
Aliya is such a therapeutic person; gentle, unintrusive and radiating positivity. We have wonderful conversations during treatment and you can be totally honest with her as she is non judgmental and committed to a holistic approach; consequently, I never feel as if I am simply one of her patients.
Aliya and I both know there is no cure for my conditions, but acupuncture can provide me with pain free days, so that I am able to live more fully. From her first visit, she offered me hope for release from pain which I was beginning to believe would never go away. Often when she leaves, I am completely free of pain.
At my age and with my conditions, one much live a day at a time and value all that improves the quality of that day. I would like to thank Aliya for relieving my pain and bringing hope.

Kimberly Dienes

I went to Aliya a year ago as of May 16th because I was one week plus past my due date. I was induced with my first child and I didn’t want to go that route again if possible. I had acupuncture to stimulate labour at 3:30pm. Nathaniel was born at 11:58pm that night. Contractions started intensively about an hour after the appointment and I had him three hours after we arrived at the hospital. Thanks SO much for helping me have my beautiful son!!

Kate R

I can wholeheartedly recommend Ali as an Accupuncturist. Since starting my acupuncture treatment two months ago, my health has improved significantly. My health problems relate to an autoimmune condition that I have had for several years. I suffered from burning feet that were painful and a real problem in my daily life. Ali was very professional and thorough, asking detailed questions about my symptoms which meant a highly personalised treatment plan. The result is my feet are no longer painful. My throbbing headaches are now infrequent, my thinning hair is growing again, my eczema is gone and my periods are regular and pain free for the first time in years. Ali is a very caring and knowledgeable therapist who puts her patients at ease. I am very grateful to Ali for all of her help and kindness.


I have been seeing Ali regularly for several months now. Initially I was referred to Ali for fertility issues, but I am glad to say that Ali does not just focus on this. I like the fact that she takes a complete holistic approach and has treated me for many symptoms that have been unrelated to fertility. As a result my body is more balanced and I have a general feeling of wellbeing, both physically and mentally.
Ali has treated me for my eczema which was a big irritant on a regular basis, this is now subsiding and is more manageable, rather than the constant scratching and the soreness. What I have found is that Ali will not only treat the ailment with acupuncture but will then give me general advice, such as what foods to avoid to stop the flare-ups, to go for a swim to cool the skin, to cool down the temperature in the shower, all of this then helps a person to keep the symptoms under control and helps you to understand what’s happening with your body and how to manage it.
Ali also helps me with my hyperhidrosis, a problem I have had since childhood and in the past I have used a machine at home to give myself treatments to help with the condition. Ali did not just ignore this condition, even though I did not come to her to help me with it. Every time she will ask about it and will use the acupuncture again to help me manage it. The symptoms are not completely cured but it is manageable to the point that I have not bothered to use the treatment given to me by the hospital. I wish now that I had known about acupuncture years ago, it would have saved me from so much heartache and embarrassment.
I also suffer a lot from migraines, practically every day, but I can confidently say that these are not coming every day now, I have had respite for several days and I am waiting for the time that these are completely gone, it will be such a relief not to have that sharp pain behind the eyes, I am confident that these will one day disappear. They are getting less and less painful and less and less regular.
As for the fertility, Ali is preparing my body for my first round of ivf, when and not if I have good news, I will be reporting back to her website to announce it. Ali has seen me through the ups and downs every month and has even introduced me to one of her clients who has talked to me, advised me and helped me to finally come to a decision about where I wanted to go for the treatment. I am feeling quite confident and upbeat about starting the process and I know that I have two people in the background that will support me throughout it, Ali and her client are always there, advising, encouraging and giving a positive outlook.
I don’t feel that this is just a treatment of acupuncture, this is a person who will go out of their way to help you, will advise you, will sit with you when you’re upset, will give you positive words of encouragement. I cannot recommend Ali enough and have no hesitation in going back to her for any treatment, I would rather go to Ali first than a doctor anyday. (Healthy baby girl “T” arrived safely).

Kirsty Broadhurst

As an existing client of Ali’s I turned to her when we were struggling to conceive after being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. After spending two months on hormonal fertility drugs which didn’t agree with me I decided to try a more holistic approach and visited Ali every two weeks. She helped me enormously, and made me feel like I had support with our fertility journey, she took away any fears I had about being unable to conceive and after just two months of consistent acupuncture she regulated my cycle and we fell pregnant naturally. I knew that my body was in the best possible shape for a trouble free pregnancy thanks to Ali and trusted my body for the following nine months. I could not recommend her highly enough.

Amy McConville

Aliya was recommended by a friend who had successfully conceived under Ali’s guidance. I decided to go down the acupuncture route after trying to conceive for a year for our second child. I have a busy, stressful job and attending Ali’s sessions allowed me to relax and find a sense of calm I hadn’t felt in a long time. Ali’s advice was sound, she has such a lovely manner and I cannot recommend her enough; especially after falling pregnant within 3 months of seeing her. Thank you, Ali! xx.

Victoria E

Aliya helped reduce the frequency of my sinus headaches and migraines which often cannot be relieved by medication. She is very thorough and has a calming nature which puts people at ease. Highly recommended.

N Rowland

5.0 out of 5
Ali was recommended by a friend who was studying acupuncture and thought that Ali’s gentle and caring nature was exactly what I needed. We are unable to conceive naturally and after several failed fertility treatments it was time to try something different. When I first met Ali I was having difficulty sleeping, it took me a long time to go to sleep and I would wake between 4 -5 am and not get back to sleep, after just 1 session I was going to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I was also experiencing painful and irregular periods and within a couple of sessions I had no pain and a much healthier period and most importantly for my husband I was no longer like a demon.
From my first two ivf cycles I produced 9 eggs on the first attempt and 7 on the seconds since working with Ali my egg numbers have increased to 17 on the third attempt and 16 on the 4th attempt. On both occasions the hospital encouraged us to leave the embryo’s to develop to day 5 blastocyst stage which wasn’t an option on previous attempts we had 2 good quality blastocyst’s to put back. Sadly we haven’t been successful on either occasion but the improvement in the number and quality of eggs has given us hope for the future.
Ali has been a wonderful support and helped me in so many ways, she has regulated my period, improved my quality of sleep, helped to reduce my stress levels and improved egg quality and number of eggs. She is always very encouraging and at the end of every session she gives you a card with helpful suggestions and positive mantra’s, I have kept all of them and when I need a boost I have a read through and make sure I’m following all her advice.
I would highly recommend Ali as I have seen firsthand the difference acupuncture can make.