Gender: Female

Sally Melbourne

5.0 out of 5
I went to Aliya in Feb of this year having suffered from terrible neck pain for nearly 30 years. I had been to 3 pain clinics, various osteopaths and chiropractors and had almost lost hope of ever living a pain free life. However, after just one session of acupuncture I immediately noticed an improvement after a night out where I would normally expect to be in severe pain and I wasn’t. After 3 sessions I was experiencing no bad necks at all. On top of that my period came and went without any pain. I am thrilled with these results and have recommended Aliya to many of my friends.

Affy Ahmad

4.7 out of 5
Ally performed the fertility/IVF protocol for me and I would highly recommended. She gives wonderful personalised treatment that also targeted my other ailments like allergic rhinitis.

The highlight for me was that Ally worked around my IVF schedule and even made space for me when she was fully booked which meant I could have the full acupuncture protocol.

I would highly recommend !!

Rachel S

5.0 out of 5
I first saw Ali in June 2016 after having surgery on my ring finger, a year before, after severing the tendons by 90%. The scar tissue was very solid and I was told another operation was needed but I did not want to take that route. During my first appointment, I also asked Ali to look at my shoulder problem, for which I have pain for the last 20 years, an issue with my big toe and I was also interested in Facial Acupuncture.
After just one session I really noticed a difference. Firstly my face looked firmer and more glowy but amazingly I did not have any pain in my shoulder and there was an incredible improvement in my finger and the pain in my toe diminished. After 3 sessions my shoulder had never been better, my toe had been fantastic, and my finger had freed up underneath (where it had been solid due to the scar tissue) and I was able to bend it for the first time in months. I can honestly say I have not felt this good since 1998!

I now see Ali every 5-6 weeks and cannot see a time where I do not have acupuncture. I have recommended her to everyone I know and cannot thank her enough for giving me a pain-free life.

Rachel S.

S Rowlands

5.0 out of 5
I started my treatments with Ali in January 2016 to help me with becoming pregnant. As well as feeling relaxed after each treatment, I learnt many interesting and useful additional tips for becoming and staying pregnant. I am now expecting my second child in April 2017, thank you so much.

Dorothy Hayward

5.0 out of 5
I was booked in for a medical induction the week after my acupuncture treatment. I really wanted to try a more natural method of induction and felt this may work. Aliya has an excellent manner and quickly explained the process and made me feel at ease. I have never had acupuncture before so wasn’t sure what to expect. She tailored the acupuncture to my own needs and what she felt would be useful to work on. She explained the process as she went along so that I felt calm and informed.

She felt my body responded well to the treatment and suggested that I go away and see what progressed. There was an option to book another appointment in a few days time which made me feel less panicked that ‘this has to work’.

Low and behold four days after treatment my waters broke naturally and I delivered a healthy little boy without requiring a medical induction. I strongly believe that acupuncture instigated and helped this process along.

I would definitely advice acupuncture for induction and I am sure I will see Aliya in the future for any other issues.

Carole Susan Berry

5.0 out of 5
I was recommended to see Ali by my daughter who she had very successfully treated for urinatory infections.
Initially Ali treated me for a hiatus hernia and very soon I was able to stop taking my medication.
She has also treated me for IBS with acupuncture and maxi bustion which I had suffered with all my life and it’s a great relief to feel so much better. Ali listens to you and is very thorough and professional in her treatments. I recommend her very highly.
Carole Berry.

Faiza Khalid

4.0 out of 5
I started seeing Ali in October 2015 after 5 years of trying to conceive and one failed round of IVF. She gave me hope and supported me through a stressful time. Within 2-3 sessions my almost daily migraines had completely gone and then slowly my periods started to get less painful and stretching to 28 days. I had my IVF cycle the following February and had some bleeding at 4 weeks but I continued with regular Acupuncture sessions and though we did have some bumps along the way (no pun intended) I now have a healthy baby boy. I will definitely be booking in to see Ali again and will continue to do so regularly. Thank you Aliya! F x.

Nikki Aldridge

5.0 out of 5
I was recommended to have acupuncture by a friend. My life has changed since meeting Ali. I was going thorough the menopause hot flushes no energy aches and pains. I’ve been going now for a year and it’s the best life changing move I’ve made. If any woman of that centain age is going through the same then please try acupuncture you will never look back. Cheers Ali. Regards Nikki.

Rachel Wright

5.0 out of 5
I saw Aliya following a google search for pregnancy acupuncture and was not disappointed. She instantly made me feel relaxed and at ease. I had been booked in for an induction and had several concerns about this. However, as a result of IVF, my pregnancy journey had been difficult and I had almost resigned myself to the fact that the birth was going to be an overly medical experience I would have to endure too. After seeing Aliya though, I was able to become much more in tune with my body and had an incredibly positive birth experience with hardly any pain relief or medical intervention. As an added bonus, my heart burn also disappeared completely!


5.0 out of 5
I was recommended to Ali by a work colleague and started my sessions last December after suffering since my teens with acne and irregular periods, which was potentially due to PCOS. I suffered a miscarriage last year and was looking to acupuncture to help regulate my periods so me and my husband could try again for a baby. After only a few sessions I noticed my skin became clearer and within a couple of weeks I found out I was pregnant! I carried on seeing Ali until my 12 week scan to help keep me calm and provide any support with the symptoms of early pregnancy i.e. Nausea and heart burn. I cannot recommend Ali enough to anyone who is new to acupuncture. Not only did she help with the physical symptoms of early pregnancy and helping me stay pregnant but she was also a huge support mentally in making sure I didn’t panic and worry too much. I will defiantly be returning to Ali for further treatment towards the end of my pregnancy. Thank you Ali.