Treatment Type: Getting Pregnant after a Miscarriage

Mrs Peel

4.7 out of 5
I started seeing Ali back in August 2015 having been recommended Meridian Acupuncture by a friend. We suffered our miscarriage in the June that year and by the time I came to see her I think it’s fair to say I was near the end of my tether.
We sadly lost our little bean at 10 weeks, and we were advised that we would see out our miscarriage naturally. But the bleeding just didn’t stop… it went on and on and on and was a constant reminder of our loss every single day.

I didn’t find my GPs particularly helpful during this time and in some cases nor were they sympathetic. Having been asked what form of contraception we were using when we were trying to GET pregnant I took myself back to the early pregnancy unit at my local hospital (who were wonderful) to beg for some answers.
Long story short, and I appreciate a non-medical explanation as such, my body still thought I was pregnant. That was the moment I realised my hormones must be ‘all over the shop’ so I took on board our friend’s feedback; how acupuncture had helped her with hormone imbalance, preparing her body for pregnancy and the emotional and physical recovery of her own loss. I was fully prepared to do anything to feel like myself again and to help my body.

So, with Ali we agreed our primary focus would be to stop the bleeding and bring back some normality to my periods; both the cycle and symptoms. It took 4 sessions for me to sight any notable difference in that the bleeding was very much starting to subside. Ironically, my new worry would then be about getting my next period! The whole aim of the game here was after-all, for us to be getting pregnant so I found myself praying for a ‘normal’ period, because of course following that, you get those golden days of prime fertility to take advantage of! Low and behold and a further 3 sessions on, the perfect period arrived.
These 7 sessions were spread from the August to the December and I was roughly seeing Ali once a fortnight. I returned in the new year of 2016 having received a belated, but special Christmas pressie, we were pregnant!
Naturally I was a little anxious this second time around and decided to see Ali each week up to our 12 week scan to support us with a strong and rooted pregnancy.
We had our super little boy Ralph in September 2016 :).

I can’t sing the praises of or recommend Ali enough. Having never had acupuncture before I am now a complete advocate. With Ali you get something more and I’d always look forward to my sessions with her and feel so calm and relaxed afterwards, no matter how much of a whirlwind I’d turn up as! I could be totally open with Ali and share all my emotions, thoughts, feelings with her, and if I didn’t, she’d soon suss me out anyway because I’d often feel that she was more in tune with my body than sometimes I was. So it was no surprise when I turned up in the January and she’d guessed my pregnancy before I’d even uttered the words out of my mouth!

Turns out a little patience and belief go a long way.