Treatment Type: Getting Pregnant after a Miscarriage

Briony D

Came to see Ali for 3 months before my current IVF cycle and found it to help so much, made me a lot more relaxed during the whole process! Now currently 20 weeks and have just gone back today for another treatment for headaches. Feel better already 🙂


Michelle A

We cannot recommend Aliya enough! She is warm, attentive and so supportive as a therapist. She really cares about all of her patients and tries everything she can to help them on their journey. Acupuncture was recommended to me after an ectopic pregnancy, followed quickly by two miscarriages. It was such a difficult time in our lives. I hadn’t really done anything like that before, but was ready to try something new. Aliya really helped to keep me calm and give us hope! She talked to me before every session and went on to chat to my Husband who always supported me by coming to the waiting room. The Acupuncture was gentle and gave us a sense of relief after each session – it really helped to keep us going! I continued to see Aliya all the way through my pregnancy, just before having our beautiful baby girl. I feel like she was there by my side, every step of the way. I truly believe Aliya helped to make our dreams come true!

Mrs Rigby

I have been seeing Ali for over 5 years. She is absolutely Wonderful and I cannot recommend her highly enough! She takes her time to listen, often asking questions about issues you never think to mention…Then explains how everything is connected. I started seeing Ali when preparing for a second pregnancy at the age of 45. The IVF worked first time, despite a history of five previous miscarriages!She is a wonderful gift to the world and I would urge anybody reading this and struggling with fertility, to please go along, listen and believe! Thank you Ali, see you soon xx.


I started seeing Ali when I felt I was struggling to get pregnant following a miscarriage and then continued to see her when I did manage to get pregnant because my worry was then staying pregnant!

I saw Ali up until week 20 and then again from week 35. I remember her saying she cannot guarantee it but a lot of her clients had produced ‘chilled babies’! I am pleased to say I have had a very happy chilled baby that has been a great sleeper……coincidence or not…?! I also had a labour than was a lot less traumatic than it was expected to be (following a traumatic miscarriage). The labour team were very surprised. So again is this a coincidence or not…?!

I have recommended Ali to other pregnant friends and will definitely be seeing her again in the future.

Lucy A

I am writing this review with my 6 week baby in my arms. After having unexplained infertility and also an ectopic which resulted in loosing a tube I turned to Ali for treatment during ivf cycles. With both my successful pregnancies and also my ectopic I found the treatment supported getting my body into the best place possible for success and even more importantly helped me to stay positive and let go of any stresses going on in life! I would and have recommend Ali to others having ivf or just struggling to conceive. She completely puts you at ease from that first emotional phone call and has been there for me 100% during each course of treatment.

Lucy Thompson

I have been coming to Ali since the end of 2015 after suffering a miscarriage. My cycles were all over the place and I was keen to fall pregnant quickly. Within two good cycles I was pregnant again. She helped me through the pregnancy and I had a very smooth delivery and a healthy little boy. After suffering a second miscarriage in Christmas 2017 she helped me through it all with several treatments close together. A week after the last treatment I was pregnant again. Treatments during the course of this pregnancy kept me very relaxed especially the ‘inducing’ treatments at the end. The birth wasn’t as smooth as baby was a lot bigger but after a postnatal treatment I felt on top of the world. I would recommend meridian to anyone going through similar experiences. I intend to continue the occasional treatment with her even now my family is complete.

Charlotte Moffatt

I cannnot recommend Aliya highly enough! To give some context, my husband and I had been trying to start a family for two and a half years, during which time we had suffered a miscarriage, been diagnosed with unexplained infertility (during a 16-month period with no pregnancy), an ectopic pregnancy and a failed round of IVF.

Before our second round of IVF, I did some research and saw increasing evidence of acupuncture supporting this, and a friend recommended Aliya.

I must admit, I was sceptical but was willing to try anything. From the very first appointment Aliya put me completely at ease, and identifed issues that had been affecting my fertility. For example, after just 1 session, she managed to drastically ease period pains that had crippled me since my teens.

Aliya and I worked together throughout the IVF, and I had sessions during the entire process, most importantly straight after embryo transfer. The result? I am typing this with my 5-week old son in my arms… whilst my husband is cuddling our 5-week old daughter! Having truly thought I may never have children, I am now the proud (and exhausted) mother of twins, and I truly believe that the IVF success was down to Aliya. Thank you, fron the bottom of my heart x.

Orietta Z L Houghland

Aliya’s acupuncture expertise is second to none. I had an extremely positive and value for money experience of her treatment throughout my pregnancy and postpartum from 2011 and till March 2012 when my baby was born. Her acupuncture was a relaxing experience and the wisdom of the Chinese medicine behind the acupuncture enabled Aliya to cure the cause of the symptoms. I found her treatment had a positive impact on the health of my overall pregnancy and in an easier birth. Although I had previously had a previous child I had suffered a miscarriage after. Aliya was able to keep this 3rd pregnancy of mine strongly rooted to full term.

Aliya treated me for several conditions, some common during pregnancy and after: emotional states, morning sickness, carpal tunnel syndrome, mastitis, dry skin conditions, flu, sinus pain, migraine, digestion issues, back ache, swollen legs, exhaustion and many more. I was fortunate that I had received acupuncture in the past so my body was able to respond quickly. Even Aliya was quite surprised when with just one session she was able to cure the carpal tunnel in my wrists.

In terms of the overall pregnancy and health of the baby, Aliya helped me keep the pregnancy grounded. My baby weighed 9.2lb and was a perfectly healthy boy who is very relaxed and happy. She was able to relax me with each session and I felt this had a positive impact. This was very important to me as I had previously suffered a miscarriage. When it came to the actual birth I had an amazing experience in comparison to my first child. I got to 9cm at home in just 2hrs! I managed on a tens machine and good breathing only. My contractions were very effective and not too painful at all. I totally believe the acupuncture had prepared my body well for this.

Her two most memorable sessions were: for the migraines that were blindingly painful in my last weeks before birth when I was feeling ill and had become very tired looking after my toddler – my GP’s only help was for very strong opiate based pain killers. However, Aliya was a miracle worker and with one session cleared my headaches within a few days. The other one was postpartum for mastitis (a painful breast feeding condition). Again I felt I was left high and dry by western medicine as I had been on antibiotics and paracetamol for a few weeks but it had not cleared fully. The GP said they could not help me any further unless my symptoms were extreme. Again with only one treatment Aliya cleared the symptoms fully and even cured some others relating to my dry skin which were apparently connected – according to Chinese medicine.

Overall I can recommend Aliya highly for anyone seeking a healthy pregnancy, birth and post natal recovery. I rate her expertise and feel each session was well worth the money. Her understanding of Chinese medicine and supportive, caring manner made every session a haven of tranquillity when I needed it most.

Thank you Aliya!

Hannah Morgan

5.0 out of 5
After trying to conceive for two years unsuccessfully, and suffering one miscarriage I decided to try accupuncture. Ali was extremely supportive from the outset and provided me with a different, welcome perspective on something that was becoming very frustrating emotionally and physically draining. From the first appointment I felt immediately relaxed and over the course of the next few weeks had noticed a huge improvement to my skin (mild acne due to pcos). Ali gave me homework after each session tailored specifically to what needed to improve and I followed this to the letter (none of it was unpleasant!) incredibly after only 6 weeks I discovered I was pregnant! I started seeing Ali weekly from this time to ensure the pregnancy was rooted and supported. This was so reassuring for me, particularly after my earlier miscarriage. I’m now 12 weeks pregnant and feeling fantastic and confident about my pregnancy, Ali was even able to help with my morning sickness when it struck at 7 weeks! Magic! I don’t know how or why acupuncture worked for me and to be honest I don’t care – it worked! Sometimes it’s just a question of putting your faith in something and someone else. I’ve already recommended Ali to good friends that are experiencing the same difficulties as I have every faith in her success rate.

Pippa Whitmore

5.0 out of 5
I have so much to thank Ali for, not only did she help me recover from a second trimester miscarriage but after 6 years of doctors telling me I couldn’t carry a baby to term Ali helped me prepare my body and get pregnant the first cycle trying again. Ali helped me manage my gestational diabetes and her induction acupuncture meant the hospital could break my waters and I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy within 3.5 hours. Thank you Ali!