Treatment Type: Getting Pregnant after a Miscarriage

Orietta Z L Houghland

Aliya’s acupuncture expertise is second to none. I had an extremely positive and value for money experience of her treatment throughout my pregnancy and postpartum from 2011 and till March 2012 when my baby was born. Her acupuncture was a relaxing experience and the wisdom of the Chinese medicine behind the acupuncture enabled Aliya to cure the cause of the symptoms. I found her treatment had a positive impact on the health of my overall pregnancy and in an easier birth. Although I had previously had a previous child I had suffered a miscarriage after. Aliya was able to keep this 3rd pregnancy of mine strongly rooted to full term.

Aliya treated me for several conditions, some common during pregnancy and after: emotional states, morning sickness, carpal tunnel syndrome, mastitis, dry skin conditions, flu, sinus pain, migraine, digestion issues, back ache, swollen legs, exhaustion and many more. I was fortunate that I had received acupuncture in the past so my body was able to respond quickly. Even Aliya was quite surprised when with just one session she was able to cure the carpal tunnel in my wrists.

In terms of the overall pregnancy and health of the baby, Aliya helped me keep the pregnancy grounded. My baby weighed 9.2lb and was a perfectly healthy boy who is very relaxed and happy. She was able to relax me with each session and I felt this had a positive impact. This was very important to me as I had previously suffered a miscarriage. When it came to the actual birth I had an amazing experience in comparison to my first child. I got to 9cm at home in just 2hrs! I managed on a tens machine and good breathing only. My contractions were very effective and not too painful at all. I totally believe the acupuncture had prepared my body well for this.

Her two most memorable sessions were: for the migraines that were blindingly painful in my last weeks before birth when I was feeling ill and had become very tired looking after my toddler – my GP’s only help was for very strong opiate based pain killers. However, Aliya was a miracle worker and with one session cleared my headaches within a few days. The other one was postpartum for mastitis (a painful breast feeding condition). Again I felt I was left high and dry by western medicine as I had been on antibiotics and paracetamol for a few weeks but it had not cleared fully. The GP said they could not help me any further unless my symptoms were extreme. Again with only one treatment Aliya cleared the symptoms fully and even cured some others relating to my dry skin which were apparently connected – according to Chinese medicine.

Overall I can recommend Aliya highly for anyone seeking a healthy pregnancy, birth and post natal recovery. I rate her expertise and feel each session was well worth the money. Her understanding of Chinese medicine and supportive, caring manner made every session a haven of tranquillity when I needed it most.

Thank you Aliya!

Hannah Morgan

5.0 out of 5
After trying to conceive for two years unsuccessfully, and suffering one miscarriage I decided to try accupuncture. Ali was extremely supportive from the outset and provided me with a different, welcome perspective on something that was becoming very frustrating emotionally and physically draining. From the first appointment I felt immediately relaxed and over the course of the next few weeks had noticed a huge improvement to my skin (mild acne due to pcos). Ali gave me homework after each session tailored specifically to what needed to improve and I followed this to the letter (none of it was unpleasant!) incredibly after only 6 weeks I discovered I was pregnant! I started seeing Ali weekly from this time to ensure the pregnancy was rooted and supported. This was so reassuring for me, particularly after my earlier miscarriage. I’m now 12 weeks pregnant and feeling fantastic and confident about my pregnancy, Ali was even able to help with my morning sickness when it struck at 7 weeks! Magic! I don’t know how or why acupuncture worked for me and to be honest I don’t care – it worked! Sometimes it’s just a question of putting your faith in something and someone else. I’ve already recommended Ali to good friends that are experiencing the same difficulties as I have every faith in her success rate.

Pippa Whitmore

5.0 out of 5
I have so much to thank Ali for, not only did she help me recover from a second trimester miscarriage but after 6 years of doctors telling me I couldn’t carry a baby to term Ali helped me prepare my body and get pregnant the first cycle trying again. Ali helped me manage my gestational diabetes and her induction acupuncture meant the hospital could break my waters and I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy within 3.5 hours. Thank you Ali!


5.0 out of 5
I was recommended to Ali by a work colleague and started my sessions last December after suffering since my teens with acne and irregular periods, which was potentially due to PCOS. I suffered a miscarriage last year and was looking to acupuncture to help regulate my periods so me and my husband could try again for a baby. After only a few sessions I noticed my skin became clearer and within a couple of weeks I found out I was pregnant! I carried on seeing Ali until my 12 week scan to help keep me calm and provide any support with the symptoms of early pregnancy i.e. Nausea and heart burn. I cannot recommend Ali enough to anyone who is new to acupuncture. Not only did she help with the physical symptoms of early pregnancy and helping me stay pregnant but she was also a huge support mentally in making sure I didn’t panic and worry too much. I will defiantly be returning to Ali for further treatment towards the end of my pregnancy. Thank you Ali.

Hannah Hartley

5.0 out of 5
I started visiting Aliya just over a year ago and amazingly almost a year on to the day my baby girl arrived in the world. This was nothing short of a miracle in my eyes having suffered 3 miscarriages in just under 2 years. When I went to see Aliya I was particularly low and desperate but following regular visits, within 3 months I had had my first ‘perfect period’ (apologies if that is too much information!). My body really responded to the acupuncture treatment and within no time at all I felt strong enough to try again. I continued the treatment all through my pregnancy and recently delivered my daughter. I cannot thank Aliya enough for the amazing treatment I have undergone over the last year, without it I feel sure I would not be in the position I am today. I would highly recommend Aliya to anyone who has undergone any fertility issues.

Marie Marshall

5.0 out of 5
Ali has helped me become pregnant successfully twice. I last posted a review for Ali in November 2012 (which can still be viewed – I was then Marie Lord), my opinion has not changed however what I would like to clarify is that I have had 4 pregnancies in total, 2 have resulted in miscarriage, 1 has resulted in a beautiful (now 22 month old) baby girl and a second so far 25 week successful pregnancy expecting a boy. The detail is Ali assisted me with 2 of those pregnancies, I will leave it to you to work out which 2. She is a fantastic, sympathetic, understanding and knowledable practioner who understands more about you than you do. Her only aim is to help you in whatever areas you need and bring balance back to your life. Again, if you are not sure about fertility acupuncture, what have you got to lose? It is much less stressful and much lest costly than other avenues and it really will get body and mind ready for the beautiful journey that is pregnancy, it will hopefully help you in your goal (as it has mine twice) and the extras are other areas of your life can be improved (my skin, weight, and a calmer mind were my experiences), not only that the sense of inner peace is amazing once you had a session with Ali. So please, contact her and start to improve yourself as soon as you can.

Claire Rankin

5.0 out of 5
I found Aliya when my husband and I were almost at the point of believing we would never conceive and carry to term a baby. We had suffered the turmoil of consecutive miscarriages and then failing to conceive for over a year. I remembered seeing a piece about the benefits of acupuncture and much to our relief after some searching I came across Aliya’s name.

At my first treatment Aliya immediately put me at ease and gave me the confidence that we would get there. Aliya identified a number of areas we needed to work on and overtime we addressed them all. Acupuncture is a wonderful treatment method and Aliya is a gifted practitioner. Believe it or not Aliya knew I was pregnant before I did!

This wasn’t a quick process, it took time, but I believed in Aliya and trusted that she could help us. I think that for me was one of the most important things. Aliya is just lovely and I can’t think of a nicer person to help you through one of the hardest times of your life.

Aliya goes the extra mile and fitted me in for treatments to ensure that the pregnancy stayed strong and rooted. After some early bleeding I had a treatment and on the way home it felt as though our little embryo was burrowing deep into my womb. I continued to see Aliya throughout my pregnancy and I’m pleased to say the treatments all worked as I delivered a very healthy baby boy after suffering with gestational diabetes.

After our baby was born Aliya did a wonderful light treatment for him, which he loved.

I often hear people say they didn’t get on with acupuncture, to which I always say, well you should go and see Aliya.

We’re just so thankful that I found Aliya as everyday we now get to see our miracle baby enjoying life and growing happily.

Mrs Peel

4.7 out of 5
I started seeing Ali back in August 2015 having been recommended Meridian Acupuncture by a friend. We suffered our miscarriage in the June that year and by the time I came to see her I think it’s fair to say I was near the end of my tether.
We sadly lost our little bean at 10 weeks, and we were advised that we would see out our miscarriage naturally. But the bleeding just didn’t stop… it went on and on and on and was a constant reminder of our loss every single day.

I didn’t find my GPs particularly helpful during this time and in some cases nor were they sympathetic. Having been asked what form of contraception we were using when we were trying to GET pregnant I took myself back to the early pregnancy unit at my local hospital (who were wonderful) to beg for some answers.
Long story short, and I appreciate a non-medical explanation as such, my body still thought I was pregnant. That was the moment I realised my hormones must be ‘all over the shop’ so I took on board our friend’s feedback; how acupuncture had helped her with hormone imbalance, preparing her body for pregnancy and the emotional and physical recovery of her own loss. I was fully prepared to do anything to feel like myself again and to help my body.

So, with Ali we agreed our primary focus would be to stop the bleeding and bring back some normality to my periods; both the cycle and symptoms. It took 4 sessions for me to sight any notable difference in that the bleeding was very much starting to subside. Ironically, my new worry would then be about getting my next period! The whole aim of the game here was after-all, for us to be getting pregnant so I found myself praying for a ‘normal’ period, because of course following that, you get those golden days of prime fertility to take advantage of! Low and behold and a further 3 sessions on, the perfect period arrived.
These 7 sessions were spread from the August to the December and I was roughly seeing Ali once a fortnight. I returned in the new year of 2016 having received a belated, but special Christmas pressie, we were pregnant!
Naturally I was a little anxious this second time around and decided to see Ali each week up to our 12 week scan to support us with a strong and rooted pregnancy.
We had our super little boy Ralph in September 2016 :).

I can’t sing the praises of or recommend Ali enough. Having never had acupuncture before I am now a complete advocate. With Ali you get something more and I’d always look forward to my sessions with her and feel so calm and relaxed afterwards, no matter how much of a whirlwind I’d turn up as! I could be totally open with Ali and share all my emotions, thoughts, feelings with her, and if I didn’t, she’d soon suss me out anyway because I’d often feel that she was more in tune with my body than sometimes I was. So it was no surprise when I turned up in the January and she’d guessed my pregnancy before I’d even uttered the words out of my mouth!

Turns out a little patience and belief go a long way.

Sophie Hall

5.0 out of 5
I first went to see Aliya in February 2015 after a traumatic ectopic pregnancy. My husband and I were keen to start a family and unfortunately we were dealt quite a rough hand! I was recommended to see Ali when speaking to my homeopath to help strengthen my body and prepare for another pregnancy, I have to say I was very nervous as I had never had acupuncture before, never known anyone who had done it so I didn’t know what to expect. On my first meeting my confidence was very low and my body was not in good shape. Ali made me feel right at home and even after my first treatment I left feeling very positive. The first few sessions Ali concentrated in clearing pains, sleeping better, easing anxiety and making my body strong and ready for a baby.
We soon decided to go down the IVF route and Ali was there every step of the way. She helped alongside the drug treatment not only with the physical but also the emotional. We chose the natural frozen embryo transfer cycle and Ali saw me just before the transfer and right after which I truly believe resulted in the positive pregnancy test on the 15th November! Ali then saw me every week (sometimes even twice a week at my more anxious times) throughout the whole of my pregnancy. Not only did Ali help in getting my pregnant she then became a very important support network for me. Being pregnant after a traumatic time was very scary and I was worried about everything! Every twinge and movement I would panic about but Ali was there to reassure me and keep little baby strong and safe.
When I was ready to ‘pop’ Ali then induced me and little Amelie Iva was born on the 15th July. She came into the world very strong, healthy and most importantly to a happy and healthy mum. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been able to do any of it without Ali and we owe a lot to her for all of her support throughout a very difficult time. Ali will have a very special place in our family and I can’t recommend her enough! Now, if that hasn’t made you want to use Ali then this will…Amelie is a false advert for babies! She is so calm and content. She loves to sleep and feed and her development is fantastic. People can’t quite believe how calm and easy she is! That is also all down to Ali making her strong and chilled throughout the pregnancy…that or she was a Buddha in a past life! The last thing I want to say, is not only will Ali help you physically, you will receive such care and emotional support, and sometimes just a friendly rational person to let off some (usually irrational) thoughts too! I have never received such care from a professional in all my time. She is wonderful! I just wish that every expectant or hoping to be expectant mother has the privilege of seeing Ali.

Jessica Allen

5.0 out of 5
I had heard about acupuncture for the five elements from a friend who lives quite a way away and told me to research this treatment for imbalanced emotions. I first saw Ali in Oct 14 initially as I was having trouble getting upset about my father (for no reason – he was fine!) and after just one session I didnt cry since. I continued to see Ali on a regular basis to keep me feeling balanced and to also help with my Colitis – an ongoing digestive condition. Whilst I was there Ali would ensure my health was okay in other areas – one of which I was even aware was ‘normal’ was night sweats during menstruation. I continued to visit Ali every now and again to keep these ailments at bay, if I was going through stressful times or feeling low then this would keep me topped up.
In Nov 16 I unfortunately suffered a miscarriage and Ali performed appropriate acupuncture to nourish my body at a very low time and help also to help balance my emotions. I began seeing a therapist in January and returned to Ali in May 17 as I was struggling to get my periods back to normal following the miscarriage and was also dealing with my Dad being diagnosed with cancer. Ali performed the acupuncture and gave me guidance of things to do to bring things back inline. In June 17 my husband and I were finally ready to try again and Ali performed bi-monthly acupuncture to prepare my body to become pregnant and give me the best chances of a successful conception. After a few sessions and following her guidance/homework to the letter (she really knows her stuff, but you have to be committed and do what she says at home!) by the end of July I became pregnant!!!!! ? Upon seeing that ‘dreamed of’ blue line on the pregnancy test, I then visited Ali on a weekly basis until I reached 12 weeks. This was to keep the pregnancy strong, calm my expected anxiousness following previous miscarriage and also to treat my morning sickness. Not only did it do all of these things but it actually was such a relief to be able to visit someone on a weekly basis who is an expert in their field and so reassuring. In days when my anxiety was very bad, Ali would keep me calm and reassure me all of my symptoms were right on track and the pregnancy was going perfectly. Without this I am not sure how I would have got through the first trimester – she really is like a fairy godmother, always there in your times of need xx.