Treatment Type: Alleviating Pain, numbness, chronic fatigue

Stephanie Schrempft

5.0 out of 5
I first came to see Aliya for acupuncture when I moved back home towards the end of my pregnancy. It had been a stressful period and I was booked in for a cesarean. The treatment really helped to keep me calm and prepare me for the birth. I felt the benefits quickly and have since been continuing treatment to help with my recovery post cesarean. Not only has Aliya helped to keep me calm during the postnatal period, but she has also helped my scar to heal, and has reduced the numbness. What I particularly like about Aliya’s approach is that she tailors each session to your needs, and she gives feedback throughout the treatment process to help you feel at ease. She has also given me great advice in other aspects of health and well being, and is very easy to talk to. I will be moving out of the area again soon, but I will continue treatment with Aliya whenever possible.

Sally Melbourne

5.0 out of 5
I went to Aliya in Feb of this year having suffered from terrible neck pain for nearly 30 years. I had been to 3 pain clinics, various osteopaths and chiropractors and had almost lost hope of ever living a pain free life. However, after just one session of acupuncture I immediately noticed an improvement after a night out where I would normally expect to be in severe pain and I wasn’t. After 3 sessions I was experiencing no bad necks at all. On top of that my period came and went without any pain. I am thrilled with these results and have recommended Aliya to many of my friends.

Rachel S

5.0 out of 5
I first saw Ali in June 2016 after having surgery on my ring finger, a year before, after severing the tendons by 90%. The scar tissue was very solid and I was told another operation was needed but I did not want to take that route. During my first appointment, I also asked Ali to look at my shoulder problem, for which I have pain for the last 20 years, an issue with my big toe and I was also interested in Facial Acupuncture.
After just one session I really noticed a difference. Firstly my face looked firmer and more glowy but amazingly I did not have any pain in my shoulder and there was an incredible improvement in my finger and the pain in my toe diminished. After 3 sessions my shoulder had never been better, my toe had been fantastic, and my finger had freed up underneath (where it had been solid due to the scar tissue) and I was able to bend it for the first time in months. I can honestly say I have not felt this good since 1998!

I now see Ali every 5-6 weeks and cannot see a time where I do not have acupuncture. I have recommended her to everyone I know and cannot thank her enough for giving me a pain-free life.

Rachel S.

Mrs Stevens

4.7 out of 5
I found Ali via a internet search as I had heard that acupuncture can help with trying to fall pregnant. After looking at a few different therapists I felt Ali was worth a try. I started treatment with her I think back in 2015. At first I was very skeptical with the whole acupuncture thing and wasn’t expecting any results but after the first 3 sessions I would say I was seeing a difference with my anxiety getting better and I was feeling a lot more relaxed. When I started treatment I suffered from very painful periods and had done for years (with a pain rating of 10/10). We really worked on this during my treatment because its very important when trying to prepare for pregnancy. After a couple of months the painful periods started to get less painful and just before I fell pregnant I was getting periods on the pain scale of 1 (with 1 being lowest). To cut a long story short, I fell pregnant with twins in February 2017 and I really do believe its because I took the time to work with Ali and prepare my body and mind and get myself to the optimum state I needed to be in to achieve a positive pregnancy result. I will be continuing my treatment throughout my pregnancy as I want to give my mind and body the best chance to go to full term and deliver two healthy happy little babies. If anyone is thinking about using Ali as there therapist then don’t think twice, go for it, seeing that positive pregnancy result was worth every penny :).

Tova Tampe

5.0 out of 5
I started seeing Aliya during my second trimester with my second baby as I was experiencing migraines for the first time in my life. The treatments helped ease the pain very quickly, and I found the sessions so helpful that I continued to seek care for the remainder of my pregnancy for various issues that came up (energy, stress, digestion, etc). Aliya is incredibly skilled, makes you feel very comfortable and creates a calm and soothing environment for treatment. Most of the sessions I fell into a very deep relaxation or even sleep. Any pregnant mother needing some overall balancing and support during those difficult months would truly benefit from a treatment. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Fionnguala Sherry-Brennan

5.0 out of 5
A visit to Meridian Acupuncture was my first experience of acupuncture. Although I was apprehensive Aliya made me feel very welcome and I was soon at ease. Each session was deeply healing and has had lasting, positive effects.


4.7 out of 5
My right arm was in incredible pain to the point that I couldn’t sleep or function during the day. My doctors had just prescribed painkillers which just was not working. One session with Ali and the right arm/shoulder pain was completely relieved. Cannot thank Ali enough for her amazing skill and ability to cure my pain. Ali is absolutely wonderful!


5.0 out of 5
Aliya took a careful history and looked at my tongue and my pulses. She then explained what she was going to do and why. I found this very reassuring. She was warm, friendly and professional and respected my privacy. I noticed a lasting improvement in my pain and my mood after the treatment. Thank you!

Malcolm M

5.0 out of 5
I have been a client of Ailya’s since August 2010. I first went to Ailya with encouragement from my wife who had been successfully treated for pain management related to an acute shoulder problem. My wife felt that Ailya offered a better alternative for me to Western Medicine whose answer is often more medication.

After my very first session of Acupuncture I noted that I felt relaxed and de stressed. At that time I used to have the kind of headaches that “start at the back of the head and come over”. These are a thing of the past now and now Ailya treats the points at the back of my head to keep this in check. In the summer of 2011 Ailya identified sciatica, and used Acupuncture to clear the blockages causing the pain. The Doctor subsequently confirmed the diagnosis. Around that time Acupuncture was also used to cure pain in the left inner ankle and also to treat a bad whiplash injury and pain in the right hip following a car accident.

More recently Acupuncture has been used to both relieve joint pain and strengthen various areas of the body, including relief from irritation caused by Eczema.

Lately a form of massage practiced by Ailya (using the flow of the meridian) has eased pain in my left leg. The pain which was severe is now greatly reduced.