Treatment Type: Alleviating Pain, numbness, chronic fatigue

Jeni I

Amazing! As a sceptic of Acupuncture since I have had it in the past with no result. I was persuaded to see Ali by a friend. I have had hip pain for two months and it is painful to walk, sleep, and get out of bed in the morning. I put it down to old age creeping on since I am 76! However after one treatment Hurrah no pain and I got a good nights sleep and I got out of bed. I will be going back for another session because the results are marvelous. Thankyou Ali.

Sue B

Ali is truly amazing, I visited her over 8 years ago as I had problems with my hip and her services are brilliant. I then sailed through the menopause thanks to Ali and recently she has helped me with a sad situation. Whatever you are trying to fix, Ali is fantastic and can really help you I am confident of that.

Ellie Levens

I started seeing Aliya in July 2019 due to some mild but persistent MS symptoms. Whilst I still have some symptoms, they are definitely much improved. Also, my monthly cycle now no longer rules my life, as it has done since I was 13. Aliya makes sure I don’t suffer with my periods in any way and this has massively improved my physical and mental wellbeing. Aliya is absolutely amazing and I can honestly say she has changed my life! Thank you Aliya, you have a client for life and I can’t recommend you enough x.

Christine Little

On Oct 18 2018 I first consulted Ali for treatment to my right hand trigger finger and neck pain. Both of these are now almost completely cured. On Nov 13th this year I sought help for pain in the hip and right knee, which was almost continuous and unbearable. I have now reached the point when I rarely take pain relief. The acupuncture treatment was really beneficial and I would certainly recommend it highly.

Dave Hill

I was very apprehensive about acupuncture and had never tried it and had left it to a last resort. Little did I know how helpful even after my first session it would be, not only how it would help with my pain but gave me peace and joy internally! I know if I was reading this I would think what a load of rubbish this guy is saying but honestly I’m not one to often leave reviews but I felt Aliya well and truly deserves the recognition for the work she performed on me today. Not only did I feel brilliant once leaving but from the moment I walked into her practice I was instantly put at ease and treated with respect and never felt judged or uncomfortable (even the room temperature was perfect which is apparently the hardest thing to please various clients!) I can only hope Aliya is not overly booked so I can get in to reap the benefits of another session! Many thanks Aliya hope to see you soon x.

Philipa Taylor

Feeling at my wits end with hormonal migraines hot flushes arthritis and disrupted sleep, Aliya was recommended to me, I went ahead not knowing what to expect and not really sure that acupuncture would be of any help. After my first session my migraine left and has not returned, and my arthritis in my big toe was gone. By my fourth visit I have suffered no hot flushes and slept all the way through the night.
I am truly thankful and believe it is the right treatment for me.
Feeling amazing Thank you Aliya.


I first starting seeing Aliya in March 2017 following a recommendation from a friend after suffering from migraines since the age of 15. I was also having cluster headaches which would last for several days. After the first session I noticed the frequency of headaches had immediately reduced. I also suffer from tightness in my neck and back. Aliya’s acupuncture has made such a difference – increasing energy flow to my head and neck / back. My headaches are now far less frequent and severe. I was taking sumatriptan to be able to just get through the days when I had a migraine and now very rarely have to take any medication – a great success.

In addition, I have been suffering with menopausal symptoms. Aliya has also been able to calm these, particularly the hot flushes.

Aliya makes every session a peaceful and relaxing experience – thank you!

Holly Clements

I had a consultation and a treatment for migraines. I felt better straight after the treatment, the whole experience was enlightening and has given me hope after reaching a dead-end with western medicine. I left feeling much more knowledgeable about Chinese medicine and why I am experiencing migraines; I look forward to my next session. I will definitely be recommending – thank you!

Julie Franklin

I had 5 treatments for a range of issues, swollen ankle for 6 months and GP checked for rheumatoid arthritis, not the case so they suggested ibuprofen but this didn’t work. Having the acupuncture released the tightness in the tendon in my foot and reduced the swelling. This has maintain movement freedom almost a year on. During assessment by the acupuncturist it was suggested I don’t ‘let go’ regarding emotions, this is true with respect to anger. When It was suggested I had a blocked gall bladder meridian and I expressed this to my GP he was amazed as I had an investigation for this. I can only thank Ali for the improvement I gained via acupuncture. I find to gain the most from any alternative treatment you need to be open-minded. I thought the pins would hurt but that was not the case for most pins with just the odd one being uncomfortable in an area of need. I experienced many sensations; smells changed, swirling on my scalp, waves passing through my body and a deep level of relaxation. Highly recommend this treatment.

Beatrice King

I am 81 years old and for some years have suffered with two debilitating conditions; Parkinson’s and Myasthenia Gravis – both neurological and incurable. In addition to these, I suffer with the most excruciating nerve pain. Aliya agreed to visit me in my home, as I struggle with mobility due to the pain.
Aliya is such a therapeutic person; gentle, unintrusive and radiating positivity. We have wonderful conversations during treatment and you can be totally honest with her as she is non judgmental and committed to a holistic approach; consequently, I never feel as if I am simply one of her patients.
Aliya and I both know there is no cure for my conditions, but acupuncture can provide me with pain free days, so that I am able to live more fully. From her first visit, she offered me hope for release from pain which I was beginning to believe would never go away. Often when she leaves, I am completely free of pain.
At my age and with my conditions, one much live a day at a time and value all that improves the quality of that day. I would like to thank Aliya for relieving my pain and bringing hope.