Treatment Type: Alleviating Pain, numbness, chronic fatigue

Kate R

I can wholeheartedly recommend Ali as an Accupuncturist. Since starting my acupuncture treatment two months ago, my health has improved significantly. My health problems relate to an autoimmune condition that I have had for several years. I suffered from burning feet that were painful and a real problem in my daily life. Ali was very professional and thorough, asking detailed questions about my symptoms which meant a highly personalised treatment plan. The result is my feet are no longer painful. My throbbing headaches are now infrequent, my thinning hair is growing again, my eczema is gone and my periods are regular and pain free for the first time in years. Ali is a very caring and knowledgeable therapist who puts her patients at ease. I am very grateful to Ali for all of her help and kindness.

Victoria E

Aliya helped reduce the frequency of my sinus headaches and migraines which often cannot be relieved by medication. She is very thorough and has a calming nature which puts people at ease. Highly recommended.

Penny Tate

4.7 out of 5
I first went to Ali in October 2010 having been booked off work by my GP with stress. I had always been able to cope with stress at work, however I guess doing 12-14 hour days for a long period of time soon took its toll. The stress manifested itself as chest pains due to the tension I held across my back and I also felt like a failure – “why could others cope and suddenly I cannot”

What impressed me with Ali was that she took the time to listen to me. She did not only treat the symptons of the stress but my whole body. We set 3 goals and they have all been met.

Ali would quite often give me a post card at the end of the session on which she had written what treatment she had done and then sometimes there was some “homework” for me to do. I have kept all the post cards and they have been really useful to look back on to see how far I have come and also as reminders of what I should be doing to look after myself.

Anyone thinking of trying acupunture for the first time, all I will say is go with an open mind. There were times it was rather painful and I did not really understand how this was going to help me. But the results soon started show. I have no chest pains, I am mentally and emotionally stronger. I am sleeping so much better without dreaming or having to get up to go the the bathroom.

I am back at work having managed to over come the stress by only using natural means – no drugs.

I still go every now and again to have a top up or an “MOT”.

Kirsty Lomas

5.0 out of 5
From my very first appointment with Ali I began to feel hopeful that my health could be restored. I had been suffering with recurrent cystitis on and off for ten years and really was at my wits end. My doctor repeatedly prescribed antibiotics to clear up the infection but never helped to address the underlying causes which meant I was susceptible to infection in the first place. Since I began acupuncture with Ali I have managed to get my infections under control and managed to be infection free for almost a year now, I haven’t required antibiotics for 9 months which is unbelievable! I really believe the acupuncture has been the main reason for this improvement. Ali made me feel comfortable talking about the issues I had from the start and has been a great support throughout this process. I could not recommend her more highly!

Penelope Joy King

5.0 out of 5
Review for Alyia.
I have suffered with chronic eye irritation for over ten years: this involves all year round itchy eyes and eyelids; also inflammation which sometimes causes swelling.
I spent two years having appointments at the eye hospital but they said there was nothing wrong with the health of my eyes and prescribed dry eye drops which gave little relief.
I visit my doctor at least six times a year but he says there is nothing he can do for me, apart from give me anti-histamine and steroid eye-drops occasionally. The only relief I have had is by using steroid eye drops but these are dangerous if used too frequently and for long periods of time as they cause cataracts.
I have used every type of eye drop available and have also used countless supplements to improve eye health but nothing seemed to work and I began to believe I would always suffer this discomfort.
Acupuncture was the end of the road for me and I really did not hold out much hope. I was reasonably sceptical but also open to any possible relief for a chronic condition.
While I did not experience immediate results, I did feel much calmer after a couple of sessions and my skin got noticeably healthier and less dry (I have suffered with eczema for years and accepted it as non-curable).
Acupuncture seeks to rebalance the body and so I could understand the logic of its benefits in terms of allergic conditions as these often arise from imbalance and the body overacting. In this sense steroids help because they repress these reactions but they don’t in any way cure them.
I had a major setback a couple of months after first having acupuncture every two weeks for three months, but thereafter I got so much better and my family began to comment on it. I still had itchy eyes but the redness disappeared and subsequently my eyes did feel far less itchy and I began to feel I had my eyes back.
Alyia is highly professional – she doesn’t promise instant cures although she believes in them. She listens and responds sensitively. She is direct in her questioning but not intrusive and you get the feeling the answers to the questions are for your benefit, not hers. She is totally positive unlike most of the health professionals I have consulted and adapts her treatment to you as a person.
Sometimes I thought if this doesn’t work, I’ll come anyway because I feel much calmer afterwards. But the truth is my eyes are so much better – the first thing I noticed was the redness went – they were much clearer – my skin was clearer – everything seemed clearer.
I am not totally cured but for the first time in more than ten years I am beginning to believe I will not have to live with this condition for life. I can’t tell you how good that feels.

Joy King May 2014.

Rachel S

5.0 out of 5
I first saw Ali in June 2016 after having surgery on my ring finger, a year before, after severing the tendons by 90%. The scar tissue was very solid and I was told another operation was needed but I did not want to take that route. During my first appointment, I also asked Ali to look at my shoulder problem, for which I have pain for the last 20 years, an issue with my big toe and I was also interested in Facial Acupuncture.
After just one session I really noticed a difference. Firstly my face looked firmer and more glowy but amazingly I did not have any pain in my shoulder and there was an incredible improvement in my finger and the pain in my toe diminished. After 3 sessions my shoulder had never been better, my toe had been fantastic, and my finger had freed up underneath (where it had been solid due to the scar tissue) and I was able to bend it for the first time in months. I can honestly say I have not felt this good since 1998!

I now see Ali every 5-6 weeks and cannot see a time where I do not have acupuncture. I have recommended her to everyone I know and cannot thank her enough for giving me a pain-free life.

Rachel S.


5.0 out of 5
I had been suffering with back and shoulder pain, pins and needles running down my arm I had physio treatment and an MRI scan…consultant said that I had nerve damage that was causing me the pain and that it would just settle down after time, a good 6 months passed and the pain was still there…a friend recommended Ali and after my first session the results were amazing with a follow up apmt a week later which did the trick and I am in a much better condition now.

Faiza Khalid

4.0 out of 5
I started seeing Ali in October 2015 after 5 years of trying to conceive and one failed round of IVF. She gave me hope and supported me through a stressful time. Within 2-3 sessions my almost daily migraines had completely gone and then slowly my periods started to get less painful and stretching to 28 days. I had my IVF cycle the following February and had some bleeding at 4 weeks but I continued with regular Acupuncture sessions and though we did have some bumps along the way (no pun intended) I now have a healthy baby boy. I will definitely be booking in to see Ali again and will continue to do so regularly. Thank you Aliya! F x.

Nikki Aldridge

5.0 out of 5
I was recommended to have acupuncture by a friend. My life has changed since meeting Ali. I was going thorough the menopause hot flushes no energy aches and pains. I’ve been going now for a year and it’s the best life changing move I’ve made. If any woman of that centain age is going through the same then please try acupuncture you will never look back. Cheers Ali. Regards Nikki.

Chantal Foy

5.0 out of 5
I started seeing Ali just over a year ago, I was on the brink of a diagnosis of Fibro Myalgia and had been off work with chronic fatigue. My main symptom at that stage was a near constant fluey aching feeling, I have a demanding job and had started to wonder if I could continue working, I am also a single mum to a 5 year old so working (and an income) is a priority for me.
After my first visit to Ali, my achy painful symptoms stopped, in the past year I have had the odd days re-occurrence but nothing more, which is hard to believe given where I was when I first met her.
I see Ali most months and have had treatment for periods (which has stopped mid cycle bleeds), a painful back (the pain ceased that evening), for stress management and general health maintenance.
My treatment with Ali has given me back a life quality which I was losing, I look forward to the sessions and always feel an emotional un-lift after each visit. I will continue to see Ali regularly as a way of managing my health going forward. Thank you Ali:).
P. S I recommended my sister to Ali following an unsuccessful attempt at IVF, I’m pleased to say my sister is 14 weeks pregnant (through natural means).
Chantal Foy.